back to article Microsoft's Raikes leaves

Jeff Raikes, head of Microsoft's Office software business is stepping down after 26 years with the company. The long-standing executive behind Microsoft Business Division plans to call it quits in September. His role will be filled by Juniper Networks chief operating officer Stephen Elop, who resigned from his post at the …


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  1. caffeine addict

    Very punny

    That headline has been stuck away in a cupboard for years, just waiting, hasn't it?

  2. A. Lewis

    I've got to hand it to you...

    That team of an infinite number of monkeys working at an infinite number of typewriters in the room marked 'headline generation' (it's a big room, obviously) do come up with some corkers!

    As per Reg Club rules, I shall now attempt to locate my coat.

  3. John Angelico

    Are we about to witness...

    a Raike's Progress?

    Thanks, they're over there.

  4. Andy Bell

    Bet Billg wanted to drag a Raike over hot coals

    I'll be here all night.

  5. Tom


    Don't force me to laugh this early in the morning!

  6. tim wright

    will they hold a raike's wake for his departure?

    ..or should we put a braike on all this punnery for goodness saike

  7. Anonymous Coward

    and no doubt

    when he gets his retirement pay off, he'll be Raikeing it in.

    Coat, door, I'm gone

  8. Jonathan Powell

    However'd have loved to say he was placed on garden leave.


  9. Mike Crawshaw

    After he leaves....

    Will he taike a braike?

    The one with the garden tools catalogue, merci!

  10. Anonymous Coward


    If Microsoft has no gates, how's Raikes going to get out?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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