back to article Aussies whip out their a*se antlers

Lovers of the English language in all its glory have until 31 January to vote for the online Macquarie Dictionary word of the year from a splendid selection of neologisms and rather more familiar terms. Reg readers will, of course, be au fait with offerings such as "bloatware", "Web 2.0" and the "Great Firewall of China", but …


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  1. Toby Rose

    Years behind ...

    ... We've had Roger's Profanisaurus for ages.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    No hope actually.

    I've just viewed a few of the entries.

    Blogosphere may not be there as an entry, but if you look in Media, under lamestream, well there it is.


    Colloquial –noun 1. the traditional media providing news and entertainment, viewed as lacking the originality and daring of the blogosphere.

    –adjective 2. of or relating to such traditional media. [lame + (main)stream]

    I've just vomited out my own pelvis in protest.

    Thankfully "Mobe" is nowhere to be found, I think!

  3. supermeerkat

    Who is this Mother Tongue?

    She sounds sexy!

  4. Mike Crawshaw

    Oh Noes!!!

    "intertubes" is nowhere to be found!

    The jacket with the limited-capacity pipes dangling from the collar please...

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Site's crashed :(

  6. andy gibson

    One word or two?

    I thought dictionaries produced definitions of single words, or words joined by a hyphen? Most of the Aussie contenders are more phrases than actual words.

  7. Anonymous John

    "'Subprime' is word of year 2007"

    My favourite is "Googleganger" - meaning a person thrown up by a Google search on your name, but who is not you.

  8. Alastair Dodd


    should be it as it' a much better word than "muffintop" to describe the rolls of fat that hang out over too tight trousers

  9. TeeCee Gold badge


    Noun. Collective. Those who persist in producing "Word of the week/month/year/millenium" lists......

  10. Paul Rogers

    Re: Flunge

    Gunt, no?

  11. Anonymous Coward

    no "mobe" or "lappy"?

    For shame!

  12. Chris C

    I give up

    After reading some of the "words" listed in this article, I officially give up on the human species. Was there really anything wrong with using real words instead of making up this stupid-sounding shit? Between this and the incessant need of people to use text-messaging "words" and formatting in non-text-messaging scenarios, it's a wonder these people can even communicate. It certainly is a prime example of why education (more accurately, educated people) is at an all-time low. I shudder and silently weep when I think these are the people who will be running the world when I'm a senior citizen.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    They just added Electronica in 2007? What have they been listening to all this time? Basic rock music judging by the stuff that makes it's way back over here.

    I like floordrobe though. I have a particularly fine example in my bedroom at the moment.

    I believe a more general term for tattoos located above a female posterior is "tramp stamp"

  14. Anonymous Coward

    I like those tatoos

    If no one else likes them then they have been getting them all for me damn does that make me feel good.

  15. David Sidebotham

    Deficient Macquarie

    Hey Macquarie here’s a new one for you

    Carbon castration: a) to ultimately run out of fuel, b) to be disconnected from a fuel supply for political or social reasons.

    Remember you see it here for the first time.

  16. alyn
    IT Angle

    Wot no vuln?

    For people who can't manage words of more than one sylable.

  17. Stratman

    Missing Words Round

    I'm having difficulty in finding the words "dignity in sport" in these antipodean literary gems. Perhaps an ocker could help?

    (Yes, I know that NZ is nearer the strict definition of antipodes from my location)

  18. pctechxp

    @Chris C - use of text speak

    Agree with you entirely

    I have a colleague who is much older than me but insists on using shorthand phrases on MSN and e-mail and she lets the predictive text do the talking on texts.

    Have a listen to the comedic track 'these are my worries' by Bill Bailey, the end bit sums the situation up perfectly.

    I always use full english in all my communications, even if I end up with a concatenated text which costs me more.

    My word of the year is the El Reg coined celebutard - a thicko that will do anything to get on TV or in the media, Brian Belo is the perfect example

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