back to article GPS finds its way onto the PSP

Any gamers that thought Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) had lost its way of late may soon be proven wrong. The company has announced a GPS navigation system for the portable gaming device. Sony_PSP_Go_Explore Go! Explore: a PSP GPS navigation system Dubbed Go! Explore, it consists of a GPS receiver and a UMD disc …


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  1. Gary
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    Now we are moving!!

    It was only a matter of time before people started seeing the beauty of the PSP!

    And this is what it really needs.

    A device that can play decent games, films, music, VOIP and now sat nav.

    I even saw PSP's at an ICT edducation show yesterday being used with cameras to help teach children!

  2. Steve Barnes
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    It's about time!

    Ever since I first heard of the GPS receiver two years ago I remember thinking how awesome it'd be to have a satnav app for it... and here we are :D and seeing as it's been out for ages in Japan, it should be compatable with fat PSP's like mine. Already got my car stand and charger for listening to music in the car, now will have a satnav app too! Hope it's a nice reliable one :-S

This topic is closed for new posts.

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