back to article Everex targets Eee PC with higher spec mini laptop at same price

Everex, the US-based PC selling division of Taiwan's First International Computer (FIC), this week took the fight to Asus' popular Eee PC sub-notebook. It also launched a desktop-oriented mini PC. Dubbed the CloudBook CE1200V, the compact laptop will be instantly familiar to anyone who's seen Packard Bell's EasyNote XS20 or …


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  1. Rob Sked

    But if it's running Linux too ....

    .... wouldn't you be able to just trash thegOS and put Ubuntu on instead?

  2. Hetz Ben Hamo
    Thumb Down

    Few notes about this machine

    If you thought that EEE has crappy mouse, then take a look at this machine, it's "pad" is above the keyboard and maybe works great if you have baby fingers, but adult fingers won't work well with this micro-tiny touchpad.

    2nd, 1.2Ghz VIA C7-M is NOT faster compared to whats inside EEE. Go ahead, benchmark them and see for yourself.

    Looking at the machine itself, EEE looks WAY better, while Cloudbook looks .. bulkier..

  3. Robert Moore

    Where is the babe?

    I can't buy this, the picture doesn't include a hot chick on the beach.

  4. Uwe Dippel

    I for one will only buy ...

    ... the one that comes with the bird.

    Sorry, Everex, I don't go for your shiny metal, as long as there is a bird on the beach coming with Asus!

  5. xyz Silver badge

    @but if it's...

    Mate of mine has an Epc running XP.

  6. Peter Kay


    It's Eee uselessness all over again.

    If it wants to be a pick up and go mobile device, it needs to have lots of battery life (at least 6 hours, preferably 10).

    If, on the other hand, if it's a cheap laptop, the screen resolution is *far* too small. Absolute minimum of 600 vertical pixels, please.

  7. Tim Parker

    @Rob Sked

    > .... wouldn't you be able to just trash thegOS and put Ubuntu on instead?

    Rob, you may want to look at what gOS is based on before doing that (and it's reasonably straight forward to change the look-and-feel of the desktop once you get it)

  8. Anton Ivanov

    The dream roadwarrior machine has finally arrived

    What most reviewers are missing is that the Laptop has hardware AES accelaration. As a result it can deliver 50Mbit plus AES with virtually 0 CPU load. It is the dream road warrior machine for any shop with a good VPN setup.

  9. Rob Sked

    @Tim Parker

    Wow, that'll learn me to research before making that sort of comment.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    it doesn't matter

    If the rumors are true, Jobs is going to reduce them both to irrelevancy at the upcoming Mac Expo with their new UMPC - half a mm thin, touch screen, 10ghz core 2 duo... i do love the rumors.

  11. Mark Daniels

    UMPC : The Return of the Psion 5MX

    It struck me that all these three meachines look very familiar. And that is becuase I still [still!!] use my Psion 5X. A month of a pair of Double A's, touch screen, expandable memory port, infrared.

    Ok, so it is pretty poor at doing 'on line stuff', but as far as I can see, that is about the only draw back of this amazing device.

    All four devices [the three UMPC's and the 5MX] can synch with email clients, al synch with calendar clients, all play games, they all open MS Docs [although the MX does not supoort ODF : Ten years too early i sorry to say !!].

    The 5MX is still the best PDA I know. UMPC's are, after all, just PDA's surely............?


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