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Everyone knows that the Blackberry is de rigeuer for corporate types, but now RIM is making a real push to get the mobile email devices into the hands of consumers too. The Pearl 8120 builds on the original slimline Pearl and adds some cool new features - like Wi-Fi and a better camera. Can't see the video? You'll need Flash …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Oh No

    Is The Register trying to be all things to all people? OK, the review mentioned WiFi but what about 3G ? Even the Blackberry site doesn't care to mention this or GPRS or other network information (

    If video reviews are to be the norm then I'll have to just stick to Trusted Reviews.

    If more videos are to replace articles then I guess I'll only look at the site at home and use CNET, et. al. when at work.

    It seems like The Reg is going to go the way of HD-DVD :(

  2. Guy Carberry

    Transcript please!

    Basic accessibility requirement.

  3. Mike Taylor

    Video reviews

    I think they have their place, but it's alongside text - as part of the review, rather than the review itself. Curious to know how you're getting these indexed.

    I need a sideways thumb.

  4. Mike Taylor

    A comment on the vocal delivery

    Wil - A nice job with the clear delivery and appropriate emphasis. Close-ups are nice too, and do a good job at conveying the message.

    However, I think you overuse the slightly-sarky-mark-kermode-deep-tone. It doesn't (usually) fit the message you're conveying and it's getting on my tits.

  5. Marc Goldman
    Thumb Down

    Say no to video....

    Not impressed with the switch to video reviews.

    Please give us a text version too if you must do them.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Re: Oh No

    same issue here - can't view the videos while at work.

    and with a video, it's not possible to quickly browse the review for the important points to see if it's interesting enough to read in depth later.

    if all the reviews are going to be videos i'll have to go elsewhere to get gadget news and reviews

  7. Omer Ozen
    Thumb Down

    Re:Say no to video....

    Count me in!

  8. Paul van der Lingen
    Thumb Down

    No no no no no no no

    Please - video reviews may be all sexy and shi-shi, but they're also blocked by most corporations.

    Can't we have the written and video review? Or if you absolutely must still use video, can you dump a compressed downloadable video somewhere on the page?

  9. Barry
    Thumb Down

    Agreed - NO to video

    For all of the reasons stated above.

  10. Bad Beaver
    Thumb Down

    Pointless and lacking.

    Please stop producing pointless video reviews. There was nothing in this with much benefit over text with pics. You could show more of the interface in use instead of the reviewer waxing.

    Also, as you have the Macbook prominently set up there, you failed to mention that RIM's pack-in Mac software is a joke, and a bad one at that. It simply does not work. If you want to put this phone to any use on a Mac, you will have to fork out (and not too little) for Missing Sync. Excellent software, but it should not be mandatory. Furthermore, if you feel this Blackberry to be "solid" you surely never touched a Nokia E51 – that is a solid feeling phone. The 8120 is too light to be comfortable with, and its battery cover is a flimsy thin piece of plastic. I was constantly worried about breaking the phone, the cover, the little flimsy card-slot cover... The trackball also feels cheap as it grinds and scratches along. It provides a marvelous way to navigate the interface though. The interface itself is mostly too utilitarian to be called ugly, yet the media functions lack elegance and feel bolted on. The text recognition is outstanding, but the keyboard could feel better. The browser sucks. On the whole the device works well, but it is not fun. Finally, everybody seems to assume that every Dick & Jane buying this phone wants to pay through the nose for the Blackberry push service to be constantly annoyed by yet another amazing opportunity to buy generic Viagra, instead of only checking & sending E-Mail on demand. As "those people" are clearly outside of RIM's desired target demographic, and fail to generate additional revenue for RIM, RIM failed to implement POP3/IMAP support. So you either pay for the service or you will not use this phone for E-Mail.

    All in all, this review is six weeks late and not too informative. Nevertheless, I look forward for your Nokia E51 review in late February, as that phone is not only cheaper than the 8120 but also surpasses it in every single aspect safe for the camera function.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Not that bad....

    Ok. I admit a nice chart with the features laid out at the bottom would have been a good addition and maybe a break down with star ratings for features would be good too. But I liked the video it was better than reading pages of dry review and nice to see something in action. Most reviews I read (and i read a lot of them) dont give you a good feel of the produce just 1000 words of geek speak about a bunch of picky points that would affect 1 out of 10,000 (annoying I know if that user is you) but this could be pointed to for somewhere else for future reference.

    I would like to pick up one point tho and that is most of the hardware reviews on the reg are way way too late, i have read about the product several weeks before somewhere else... come on can you not catch up a bit.

  12. Anthony Zacharzewski


    this video review at-work-reading-preventing madness

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Hey guys!

    I need a new button. Digitus impunicus.

    No, I am not going to get my coat. I think you made a serious mistake here.

  14. David Love

    Phone 8/10, Video 0

    Bad Beaver makes some good points, but this device was never meant for texting teens. The fact that the original Pearl became RIM's biggest seller confirms that there's an attractive market for devices that deliver corporate mail whilst being smaller and OK for the odd MP3 or - as our presenter omitted to mention - video.

    I think the 8120 is a decent and mature product, pity that Voda are in denial about WiFi BlackBerries, had to buy one SIM free. Oh well, it'll fetch more on eBay when it's time has come.

  15. Bad Beaver

    @ David Love

    I'm not a texting teen ;)

    Let me explain it this way: The push-technology is very popular, this is why many makers implement it into their mobiles - in addition to the regular POP3/IMAP support. That way consumers, especially regular consumers (which the Pearl is aimed at too, as I understand) and business consumers without a dire need for push (they still exist) enjoy more options.

    Or lets say had RIM bothered to implement POP3/IMAP support, I would not have returned the phone in disgust, and who knows, maybe in a while had developed a need for push too. It felt crippled / came with plenty strings attached, so it had to go. Of course, if you *are* after the push service, it is a pretty neat little device, mainly because of the most impressive text recognition, trackball control and other decent business oriented functions. Yet as I said, the overall execution could be more solid, it feels a little shoddy. If you can forgo the superb predictive text, there are many non-RIM phones of better quality available which also offer push.

  16. Anonymous Coward
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    eww, video, no.

    Please no. I got about 30 seconds in and decided I wanted no more of the QVC-RobotWars hybrid on my screen. Give me text and some pics please!!!

  17. Gildas
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    Re. Not that bad....

    The problem with the video reviews is not that they are video per se, nor that they are delivered seemingly sans script by someone who spells Will with one 'l'. The problem is that they lack the wit, style, humour, consideration and perspicacity that makes the usual El Reg reviews stand out from the "dry...picky...geek-speak" reviews on many other sites.

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