back to article Microsoft set to milk mobile Messenger mavens?

Mobile Windows Live Messenger users are reporting that Microsoft wants to take their money. But Redmond says it hasn't decided whether to take their money or not. Microsoft-loving mobile types at MoDaCo - an online forum dedicated to smartphone and PocketPC news - claim that their mobile Messenger clients have been invaded by …


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  1. Tom

    I tried the symbian version of MSN Messenger

    I liked the functionality - almost as good as on the desktop.

    Just a couple of problems, though. It puts hotmail in your messaging app, msn messenger contacts in your address book. Oh, and in the E90 it messes up the widescreen properties of those two apps as well, making Andrew Orlowski's favourite device look craptastic.

    I'll stick with Slick. The name says it all!

  2. Ian


    Go on Microsoft, just give me another reason to buy an iPhone, I dare yah!

    OTOH, Apple is doing a well enough job removing all the reasons that I want to replace my ageing hacked XDAII so maybe it will balance out

  3. gopherfender
    Thumb Down

    I'll be calling 3 then ...

    I recently upgraded my old N80 handset and tariff on 3 to the N95, and one of the reasons i did this was for the FREE inclusion of Windows Messenger. If MS decide to start charging S60 users for this service, I'll be contacting 3 to let them know they'll be paying for me. My contract is with 3, which included WM, and they can honour that contract. If they don't, then they can kiss my nerdy a$$ and i'll go somewhere else. I'm already annoyed with them for telling me they weren't going to be offering the 8GB version of the N95 and then a month after i upgraded I see the 8GB one on offer on their website. :/

  4. Chad H.


    leave 3? You're having a laugh, I have a friend who's called no less than 5 times to give his 30 day notice, but suprise suprise, those offshore phone monkeys never seem to do it, or even leave a note that he called...

  5. jeff


    The Windows Live Messenger client for Blackberry is already billed out at $3/month on the carriers that offer it.

    Theres alternatives out there (like Jive Talk) that use their own servers but some sort of charge is the norm.

  6. Nick Ryan Silver badge

    Monopoly in action again?

    Translation of the MS marketingese:

    "You're not using a windows operating system, this transgression must be punished."

  7. Daniel

    More confirmation that most of those in 'Live' should have been on Minimsft's 'No hire' list

    There's something marvelous about seeing incompetence and greed opperating, torether, so seamlessly.

  8. dervheid

    Microsoft want more money...

    No! Really! And this would be what kind of surprise?

  9. Cameron Colley
    Gates Horns

    I'd love to be able to confirm this...

    ... But I don't have Microsoft MSN messenger on my new WM device.

    Microsoft, of T-Mobile, in their wisdom, decided not to include MSN Messenger on the build for my Pocket PC. I was stupid enough to think that it would be available for download from M$ but, alas, they redirect to handango where " can purchase [it]..." -- only you can't, you can only buy 3rd party apps without the mail integration. What, I ask you, is the thinking behind a M$ device that can't pick up M$ hotmail without having to fire up a web browser?

    Someone at Redmond seems to be loosing the plot here somewhat.

    Someone please produce a UMTS-equipped version of the N810, so I can escape the clutches of M$ once and for all.

  10. Phil Kingston

    You can install Live on your T-Mobile device

    A quick search will find you the genuine Windows Live cab file to install Live on your T-Mob device that didn't have it...

    Although due to this licensing error, I've now removed it from mine and will be using Yahoo! as my primary IM.

  11. Simon Cresswell


    Could Matt Champagne be in some way related to that icon of the Readers Digest Prize Draw, the legendary Tom Champagne?

    I think we should be told

  12. Rich
    Gates Horns


    ... remind me again why it's becoming increasingly popular? I just can't for the life of me think why...

  13. Slaine

    why does this surprise anyone?

    "The messages were only intended for the Symbian-based Nokia S60 smartphone"...

    ... and Windows was intended to be secure ... and Vista was supposed to be an improvement ... and Office is touted as efficient ... and Bill is presumed to be human.

  14. abs

    Not happened (yet) on my windows mobile smartphone

    This hasn't come up on my Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone (Standard Edition).

    Has anyone seen this on a Windows Mobile 5 or 6 smartphone?

  15. Law
    Gates Horns


    I eventually got Live Messenger installed on my N95 (S60v3 I think)..... and I had a message about how "we may eventually charge for this feature in the future" so I have either missed the new message or some old version through Nokia's Download! app.

    As far as I'm concerned M$ can go whistle... I will write my own client if they p*ss me off too much and the other clients arn't up to scratch... I'm just to lazy to do it unless provoked! :)

    Incidently - isn't this m$ usual trick and the reason the EU hates them? Push out the competition by making it conveniently "just there" or by screwing with standards so other peoples stuff doesn't work - then when people have finally accepted the m$ app/service/way, charge them the earth for something they had for free!! This is why it took me so long to accept people never used icq anymore... and the reason I have been begging friends to get gTalk.... and the reason I use Firefox...

  16. Mark

    A charge for MSN? Really? It does sound like good 'ol Bill.

    I believe that good 'ol Bill has got his work cut out. Middle aged, Retired and officially the richest man on earth at last time i heard of his total worth it was 85 billion thats 85 thousand million, And he wants more money?!

    I think its time for everyone to join me on Linux.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    It even pops up on Symbian devices...

    waitaminute .... symbian? isn't that a - um errr ... ???

    Icon for obvious reasons.

  18. Law
    Gates Halo


    Guess what message I got when I logged into messenger last night.... thanks for the heads up... if I wasn't expecting it my phone would probably be in a few seperate pieces today.

    I select the Bill-saint icon because I can't really blame him for this one, he would have been too busy making that HIGH-LARIOUS retirement video of his to have made this decision.... plus he just basically just admitted Windows Vista is probably the biggest mistake/regret of his career:!??!

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