back to article LG lifts skirt, reveals watchphone

The wristphone is back, this time courtesy of LG. But while the manufacturer showed off its idea of what such a gadget should look like, there's no guarantee it'll ever come to market. LG's hush-hush watchphone LG's watchphone: off the wrist Locked away behind glass and protected by a pair of minders, six watchphones were …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Pah !

    I have a wristphone that's over 10 years old. It looks exactly the same as a normal watch. You'll have to trust me in this, as I won't let you near it at all, but it does make calls, honest...

  2. Grant Mitchell
    Thumb Up

    Watch phones available today..

    However, if you can't wait for this "maybe never to be released" product, you can always buy ones of these:

    and at a reasonable price, considering the state of the dollar ;)


  3. Kevin Pollock

    Sizewize the time is right...

    ...for wristwatch phones.

    I bought a couple of wristwatch radios for laughs a couple of years ago. They're ludicrously bulky, as these LG watches appear to be also.

    But when you consider the size of modern "designer" watches, it's not so crazy after all.

    Consider the Breitling Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon (

    This watch is almost 50mm in diameter! And I gather it's pretty thick - maybe 20mm or more. And you can bet it weighs a ton too.

    But one question - how does one text one-handed on a wrist phone?

  4. Simon Oxlade

    Dick Tracy style would be better....

    Hmm ... so it is designed to work with a bluetooth headset then. So I'd have to wear one of those stupid bloody things all the time? No thanks.

    I prefer the Sony Ericsson MBW-150. You can see who's calling you, choose to accept or reject the call from the watch (if you choose to accept you can use a headset or use the phone), it displays your text messages and allows you to control your music playback. Neater, more subtle and more flexible solution if you ask me....

    However answering phonecalls Dick Tracy style is extremely cool especially if it could include a video phone......

  5. Robert Forsyth

    Separate Bluetooth Display

    Have the main part of the phone in your pocket, have a Bluetooth display on your wrist, and a Bluetooth earphone(s) and mic on your ear (or in your cap Thunderbirds style).

    Hopefully they all plug together for charging, storage, transit, etc.

  6. Graham Bartlett

    Dick Tracy video phone problems

    So you're holding the phone next to your mouth and you want to make a video phone call? I hope the person on the other end really *wanted* that close-up view of your bogeys...

  7. W

    @ Kevin Pollock

    "how does one text one-handed on a wrist phone?"

    ER, with the other hand?

  8. Stu

    I'll never understand...

    ..why companies like to take along products to tradeshows that are likely never to make it into production.

    Lets break the event down-

    Consumer - yeah

    Electronics - yeah

    Show - yeah

    But its clearly not going to be a consumer piece of electronics, so why bring it along!? Theres just no point whetting our appetites here!

    The one on thinkgeek looks interesting tho - thanks for that linky.

    But LG, what gives? You SUCK!

  9. David Paul Morgan

    I like it!

    they look great! Are there any cellphones that take 'voice dictation' over bluetooth?

    (Lt Uhuru - welll ahead of here time!)

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I don't understand what all the fuss is about...

    I already use my phone to tell the time. Have done for years.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Platform for new ULP?

    Perhaps this is LG preparing for ULP BT when it becomes available (next CES?).

    The main use case for Ultra-Low Power (ULP, formerly WiBree) Bluetooth is a watch connected to a Bluetooth equipped device.

  12. Martin Beckett Silver badge

    Re: I'll never understand...

    Because it gives journos somehting to write about and puts LGs name on the page.

    So you mum sees this and next time she's buying a microwave, thinks LG - I've heard of them, that must be OK.

    Car companies do it when the only other thing they have new for that year is an extra cup holder on the old model.

  13. Highlander


    for communicator pins a la Star Trek. Who cares if you have to wear an Uhura-esque Bluetooth ear piece, it's a freaking communicator badge - with voice control even. How much longer before the darned thing is able to immediately read your mind so you can be connected to the intended party just as you start speaking?

    Gene Roddenberry would be smiling widely.

  14. Arnold Lieberman

    Why not get one of these?

    This certainly beats the Casio calculator watch I had in the '80s!

    Bluetooth, camera, TF card support, media playback and unlocked for $180 delivered...

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