back to article LG shows gadget based on next-gen Intel UMPC chip

LG has craftily shown off an ultra-mobile PC based on Intel's as-yet-unlaunched '45nm Silverthorne' processor at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The UMPC is based around a 4.8in, WVGA touch-sensitive display, but as you can see it also has a slide-down Qwerty keyboard. The rectangular space at the top-right of the …


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  1. Josh

    LG and the US

    LG doesn't sell computers in the US, thus they probably won't be selling this either.

  2. A. Lewis

    I like UMPCs...

    But the only one that has interested me has been the EEE.

    Maybe if this LG offering could beat the EEE on price I'd be interested.

  3. Nicholas Ettel
    Thumb Down

    grams = weight???

    Can anyone tell me why people still use the word "weigh", in any of its forms, with the metric unit of grams? Grams is a measurement of mass, not weight. Mass is an intrinsic property of matter, whereas weight is the application of gravitational force on that matter. If an object were to have a _mass_ of 500g, its mass would never change no matter what gravitational force was applied to it; conversely, if an object were to have a _weight_ of 5 lbs, its weight would change with every variance of gravitational force applied to it.

  4. Matthew Coulson
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    Another sodding slider

    The only good UMPC is the Fujitsu Lifebook U810 (or U1010, depending where you are). Both a tablet AND a clamshell. Slider keyboards are ok on phones where you're doing two thumb typing, but they're absolutely atrocious in any other circumstance.

  5. Paul Louth

    @Nicholas Ettel

    You must be loads of fun at parties! ;)

  6. Anonymous Coward

    @Nicholas Ettel

    I mean no offence but Nobody! cares. Reg hardware, not Reg physics & terminology.

    (please note, the bad grammar, Above, was solely for the purpose of teasing Mr Ettel. see if we can get another pointless rant. hehe)

  7. andy rock

    RE: I like UMPCs...

    i agree but i'm not adverse to spending more money than the eee costs if i think the balance is worth it. hopefully we'll see a lot of companies competing in the ultra portable market and the choice will mushroom. much like it did with larger laptops.

  8. Tony Barnes

    @ Nicholas

    Because otherwise you would have to say something along that lines of:

    "The UMPC as a whole measures 148.4 x 92 x 29.2mm and is 590g heavy"

    Which I hope you agree is even worse english. As the word "weigh" has been around for a lot longer than gravitational theory, it's hard to work around the structure that has already developed.

    Much like a pair of trousers, or a pair of boxer shorts - when there is quite clearly just one item.

    I could go on with a simple things like a sunrise (- the earth is moving around the sun, not the other way around); a bank holiday (- indeed the national workforce enjoys a break, dependant on contract); or from another "physics" wordset, the Big Bang (sound not existing in the pre-universe vacuum, nor anyone there to hear it - such that it may not even of existed...)...

    ...but I won't, as it would be a pointless waste of people's times and efforts reading them.

    Otherwise, excellent point...


  9. Morely Dotes

    Ah, I see.

    "It runs Windows Vista Home Premium."

    So, it's crap, then. Thanks for sorting that.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Wait a while?

    I wonder when Apple will make a commitment to similar sized machines?

    There appears to be a sufficient gap in its product portfolio too.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Re: Wait a while?

    Apple had a truly practical UMPC over ten years ago, far more so than the devices available today because the batteries lasted long enough to be genuinely useful. It was called the Newton. I still used mine until I misplaced it maybe 18 months ago because there still isn't any comparative product available. When it was still in production it was every bit as powerful as the desktop PCs of the day. Even the handwriting recognition worked well in the later models, and the UI was designed for the ground up for a pen interface making it much more usable than wince.

    So, where is there anything on the market today that will run general office type applications along with your normal PDA type stuff in a format that is big enough to actually use but still small enough to carry and where the batteries will last all week (or even all day)? There isn't anything out there.

    Thank you, Mr Jobs, for canceling Apple's last truly innovative and cutting edge product simply because you happened not to be at the helm when it was developed.

  12. bobby k
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    @ Nicholas

    Why would I need to know the mass of it?

    I'm not planning on taking it to the moon in my hand luggage.

  13. Robin Strong

    @Nicholas et al

    Surely you meant 140.5 MilliJubs - grams as a unit of weight have been obsolete for, quite literally, months now.

    It's the long dark one on the hanger with the scarf...

  14. A. Lewis

    @Wait a While

    Well, if you believe our very own El Reg:

    One is in the pipelines. A snap at $2500!

    Also @Another sodding slider: Yes, fully agree. Slide-out thumb-keyboards sometimes work for mobile phones, but for a device wanting to be a fully fledged computer they are useless. You could not sit and write a long document on that.

    But I can on my EEE! ;)

    Ok I'll stop raving about it now...

  15. Geoff Mackenzie

    The war of the pedants ...

    Grammes are a unit of mass. And you wouldn't have to say "The UMPC as a whole measures 148.4 x 92 x 29.2mm and is 590g heavy"; youd say "The UMPC as a whole measures 148.4 x 92 x 29.2mm and has a mass of 590g"

    Also, the British English spelling of grammes is grammes.

    And you can't say you are not "adverse to" something; the word is "averse". And there are no "comparative products" to the Newton because the word is "comparable" - and anyway isn't the Psion 5mx fairly comparable?

    Whew, thank God I set the world to rights! It was all coming apart at the seams there for a minute. No need to thank me.

  16. Fab De Marco

    Nicholas is right!

    weight is taking into account gravatatinal forces, which is why we still used weight. the UMPC is not going to float beside you is it?! you will be carrying it therefore counteracting its mass against the gravitational pull of the earth! Therefore weigh is still a valid term...

    Unless you are some kind of evil genius hell bent on seatling all the worlds gravity. in which case I beg for your mercy!

    In other news, looks good, wouldn't have one, don't need one. Well done Lucky Goldstar you have built a fine piece of machinery... but exposed a madman!

  17. andy rock

    RE: The war of the pedants

    Geoff sounds like he'd be good fun to go drinking with!

  18. garbo

    Psion Netbook comparable?

    Shame that the Psion Netbook, running EPOC, was discontinued. Mine still beats the Eee for keyboard (think Thinkpad), battery life (8-9 hrs), touchscreen, unbreakbale OS & apps. Another brilliant concept before its time. Any chance a of revival? And I dont mean the awful Win CE doorstop over at Teklogix!

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: The war of the pedants

    Actually, "comparative" is perfectly correct. It is one of those words with several related meanings. In this instance it means an equal, rival or equivalent which fits perfectly. Check out if you don't believe me.

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