back to article Microsoft bids $1.23bn for Norwegian search firm

Microsoft is to acquire Norwegian business search engine company Fast Search and Transfer for 6.6bn kroner ($1.23bn). The software giant said it would pay 19 Norwegian kroner a share for the Oslo-based firm, which represents a 42 per cent premium to the closing share price on 4 January, the day before Microsoft stepped in with …


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  1. Syd

    Corporate Radar

    That'll be the end of Fast (formerly Corporate) Radar then - competes with too many other things MS have acquired. Pity - good product.

  2. Chris Morgan
    Gates Horns


    I believe that Microsoft have bought a lame duck here... The results and performance of this company have been abysmal to the point of the government getting involved in investigations of irregularities and massive losses.

    What are Microsoft going to do with a product that no companies want? Their own offering is substandard Fast technology won't make it any better. Luckily they'll be able to absorb the loss due to their fat wallet.

  3. Hedley Phillips

    We use Fast to make CD's

    Or used to once M$ buy them and bury it as it works and M$ don't ike software that works otherwise they wouldn't have released Vista.

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