back to article Intel fires up 45nm laptop chip assault

Intel has kicked an already down AMD by celebrating the arrival of 16 new chips across its laptop, PC and server lines. The fresh chip dump marks the arrival of Intel's first laptop chips manufactured with a 45nm process that allows for faster, more energy efficient products. Intel CEO Paul Otellini emphasized the mobile …


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  1. Stephen B Streater
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    Glad they're not getting lazy

    In the old days, CPUs would double in speed every 18 months. While Physics has slowed down progress, with their new process, Intel has shown that they have not become a lazy monopoly.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Back in the day

    Used to be such a AMD fan but I've got to say I'm impressed by Intel's response to some competition, especially as AMD are pretty far behind at the moment and Intel are still keeping up the assault. Lets hope they don't get lazy again!

  3. Curtis Crowson
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    They will get lazy as soon as AMD is killed

    It happens with every company. No competition then they can coast and make excessive profits. As soon as Intel kills AMD we should expect to see a Microsoft like level of innovation. I can't wait to use the Vista of processors. I just couldn't help myself I had to include MS and Vista in my post. Hopefully someone will then bash Apple fans and we will have fulfilled the reg comment requirements. ;-)

  4. E

    Smash Apple!

    Smash smash smash Apple. Dastardly Apple. Cunning conniving Apple.

    Exterminate the Apple fan-boy cockroaches!

    Will that do?

  5. Curtis Crowson
    Gates Horns

    Works for me.




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