back to article German hackers fight electronic voting

Veteran German hacking group the Chaos Computer Club is fighting the use of electronic voting machines in upcoming local elections. A lawsuit filed by the group against the German state of Hesse seeks a temporary injunction against the use of electronic voting machines that would prevent their use in 27 January local elections …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Wonder if …

    They'll be using M$ Access?

  2. Chewy

    we should fight it too

    especially when the voting machine in Mahoning County recorded negative 25 million votes for John Kerry. Unless you have a paper trail you cannot have a recount.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If they're anything like the US voting machines, then yes, they will be. Unencrypted Access databases, actually.

    And the admin password is "1111"

    And the disks get left in unsupervised parking lots, in unlocked cars.

    And they're all manufactured by huge donors to political parties who are dedicated to world domination.


  4. Cliff

    Fight EVM's every inch of the way!

    It's your duty as inhabitants of democratic countries to ensure democracy keeps its name clean and is seen to be trustworthy and open if we're trying to 'implement democracy' in countries we visit (hem hem). How could anyone possibly have any faith in any system with no paper/audit trail? Even the hard and software is non-reviewed code, and having seen the quality of the code companies rustle up for sale when they know the code isn't going to be reviewed, I have nothing but expectation of massive fraud being possible-to-inevitable.

    On my voting slip, I mark an X. If that X is rubbed out or tampered with then it 1) is highly visible and 2) done in the presence of counters, invigilators, etc and damn hard to get away with.

    On an evoting slip, a 0 changes to a 1. A tiny current, too small for me to detect temporarily affects the value at a memory location, and is eventually written to a (spinning rust!) hard drive - so many opportunities for failure, but nobody will ever be aware of them.

    Can you prove this machine vote was rigged? No - Can you prove it wasn't?

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