back to article Facebook blocks Secret Crush over adware row

Facebook has blocked the "Secret Crush" widget for violation of its terms of service, following a row about the use of the application to dupe users into downloading adware onto their PCs. The widget - which poses as a "Secret Crush" request inviting prospective marks to find out which of their friends might have the hots for …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Sure, that'll work

    "Users should employ the same precautions while downloading software from Facebook applications that they use when downloading software on their desktop."

    Yeah, that's why the Internet is one big bot network and people's PC's are plagued with spyware, adware and viruses.

    The fact is most users don't think before they click and even less so when it's on a website and just been recommended by one of their "friends" as "teh coolest ting ev3r!!eleven!"

  2. James McGregor

    Zango is a POS

    I can't believe that 180Solutions is even attempting to convince anyone that it's woebegone crapware isn't adware. Zango is indeed one of the most heinous examples that I've ever had the fortune (or requisite 'net awareness or whatever) to avoid installing. From Symantec's website:

    "[Zango] is an adware program that monitors the contents of Internet browser windows. It opens the Web pages of partner sites when certain keywords are detected in Internet search or shopping browser windows."

    If that's not adware, then what is? 180Solutions tried to sue PC Tools as their Spyware Doctor software correctly identified Zango as, well, spyware. Luckily, the judge saw sense and KB'd the case on the basis that Zango was unlikely to prevail. Zango also tried it on against Zone Labs and lost. They also agreed to pay the FTC a $3m fine to settle a formal complaint about deceptive downloads.

    So, screw 'em, quite frankly. Agressive courtroom tactics won't change the fact that their crapware is indeed adware and they deserve everything they get.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    thank god it's gone

    There were links all over fb, telling me a friend had a secret crush on me.... all the links redirected to the Zango site with no warning that I was about to leave fb. Very annoying. I'll bet it decieved a lot of people. Evil thing.

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  5. Chryss

    Malicious Apps

    I'm impressed, Facebook is FINALLY doing something about apps promoting malicious software? There have been a number of applications (such as Fishtank) that were encouraging or duping users to download malicious software. However, even when a number of users complained to Facebook, the problem was ignored.

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