back to article Brit violinist does a Radiohead

Brit violinist Tasmin Little will next Monday do a Radiohead and release her latest recording online in an attempt to "popularise classical music", as Reuters puts it. Tasmin Little. Photo: Melanie Winning Ms Little, 42, is giving the whole thing, entitled The Naked Violin, away absolutely free - thereby allowing music buffs …


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  1. Ferry Boat

    Oh no

    Her website is broken. Collapsed because of all El Reg readers clicking on the link no doubt. How will it cope when her suggestively titled LP is released into the wild?

    Anyway, well done her.

  2. Mike Street

    Top Violinist

    Is that Tasmin Little, and a very bright person to boot.

    This move may stem from the fact that classical artists make most of their money from appearances (i.e. by playing) rather than recordings, which don't sell too well (no promotion and a smallish user base to boot).

    And Ms Little actually learned how to play her instrument and built her career over a number of years - she didn't just win a TV 'talent' show or expect to become a millionaire from her first release.

    Kudos to her.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Slashdotted/El Reged?

    The site's showing "Service Down" right now.

  4. leslie
    Thumb Up

    Its for who'oo

    Just how does she think that by putting this free on the internet its making it openly available equally to all?

    For one the internet _is_ male dominated, so its already available to more males than females.

    As to making it popular, well a free gauge of popularity already exists, its called a torrent site, you can search for file-shared torrents of classical music, and see how its instantly outnumbered by downloads of just about anything else.....

    In fact looking at the available downloads I think I see a trend and possibly she can get more people to download it if 1) dont release it as mp3 but instead a poor SVCD format, and 2) have it performed by some naked 18yr old girls doing strange things with their instruments, downloads would rocket....

    Oh and throw in some cheerleaders, monster trucks, and jeremy clarkson

  5. English Bob

    Now see what you did

    The link is down already - and the album isn't even released yet...

  6. Sam

    Service unavailable

    Overload, or hacked by the RIAA?

  7. Tam Lin

    ** clap, clap, clap **

    All a bit modern by half to my ears, but bravo! indeed. Understand that "put a beat to" means "no thumps", not "no measures" - you can in fact (watch other people) dance to (some of) it.

    I would think Patterson's obstacle course is still under copyright (not sure about Ysaye's), so this may have required actual cooperation.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    She can play my violin whenever she wants

    Just getting my coat

  9. Morely Dotes

    @ leslie

    "For one the internet _is_ male dominated, so its already available to more males than females."

    By this I conclude that you think women are too stupid to listen to music which was downloaded by men.

    I think you're a gormless git, but we all have opinions.

  10. Thomas Martin

    Hooray for her

    I for one appreciate her giving away her music. That is a very generous gesture.

    Now if only others felt so inclined to share.

  11. Ryan

    @ Morley

    I think he's a gormless git too

  12. Marco

    @ Ryan

    I have no idea what "gormless" is, but I suppose it means "lacking intelligence" and if so I second, or better third, the notion.

  13. Chris
    Dead Vulture

    What is happening to El Reg?

    A picture like that and not one comment on how well protected the violin is by those Bulgarian airbags.

  14. Mademoiselle Jones

    @ryan, morley and marco

    I agree.

  15. Barry

    @ryan, morley, marco, & mademoiselle

    Me too.

  16. Philip J.F. Quinlan

    @ Mike Street

    "classical artists make most of their money from appearances (i.e. by playing) rather than recordings"

    Same is true of the vast majority of other musical artists, it's the recording companies that make money from the CDs, the cost of promotion, advertising, video production et al being taken from the artists royalties.

  17. Sam Liddicott


    A few years ago my grandmother's dictionary defined gormless as "without gorm".

    (I suppose it still does)

    There was no entry for gorm.


  18. Bill Fresher

    @Anonymous Coward

    "She can play my violin whenever she wants"

    I'm sure you'd be trilled if she did.

  19. Kaz

    @ryan, morley, marco, mademoiselle, and Barry

    here here..

  20. Dave

    @ryan, morley, marco, & mademoiselle

    me too! Just as many women CAN use the net, its just we sad ba*****ds spend more time on it!

    The problem classical music has, is that you have to choose both a good composition and a good performer.. how do you get to know who is what in the first place?!

    Well I'll be downloading it! It's not completely dead, I hit refresh and got it second time.

  21. Bill Fresher


    That should be "hear hear", gormless.

  22. Colin Jackson

    @ryan, morley, marco, mademoiselle, Barry and Kaz.

    Can I join?

    Good for Tasmin, a generous gesture.

  23. Ex Pat

    Bloodhound Gang

    Reminds me of the album "Hooray for Boobies" by the Bloodhound Gang...

  24. Mat

    So we are pretty much agreed

    leslie is a gormless git!

    Well done leslie!

  25. Shakje

    @Philip J.F. Quinlan

    No! Shut up! You're clearly a freetard, WITHOUT SALES NO MUSIC WOULD SURVIVE.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    @ryan, morley, marco, mademoiselle, Barry, Kaz and Colin

    me too!

  27. leslie
    Paris Hilton

    @ leslies nockers

    so are you saying that adding cheerleaders, monster trucks and some ranting by jeremy clarkson *wont* increase downloads, I'd put money on it.....

    I think I said that....

    1) the net is used more by men than women, ergo its availability to both sexes is not equal

    Of course if you wish to disprove that...

    2) that the measure of somethings popularity can be judged by torrent downloads

    Emm lets see then, choose a torrent site like pirate bay and...

    The Best Classical Album In The World-cd 1-2 Seeders 34

    Johann_Sebastian_Bach_-_Best_of_-_2007-mCZ Seeders 36 (top listing)

    Amy_Winehouse-Back_To_Black_(Deluxe_Edition)-2CD-2007-UKP Seeders 1232

    I rest my case with facts proooooven......

    I choose my icon to be paris hilton, as your have all been too blond to see I was taking the pi.......

    (Albeit with real hard facts, like it or not)

  28. Anonymous Coward



    That's right, music was invented in the early 20th century, getting better the more it costs....

  29. Bronek Kozicki

    @torrent users

    popularity has nothing to do with quality, ESPECIALLY in classical music department.

  30. Anonymous Coward

    Free the Music, bitches

    A recording artist friend of mine published one of his albums online for free download when he saw all of the industry BS that was going on. I provide him with free hosting, because if he can put his money where his mouth is, then so can I. You can get his music and read about his motivation here;

    > My name is Ben Craven of Tunisia. Why am I doing this?

    > I want these songs to be heard, first and foremostly. So here they are, and anyone can download them. Simple.

    > The debate over illegal downloading continues. As an independent artist wishing to make a living, it's easy to buy into the culture of fear perpetuated by the major record companies. However as a music listener, I argue there are benefits for artists making music freely available. So it's time to put my money where my mouth is.

    > I hope anyone who enjoys these tracks will also be interested in checking out the original Two False Idols album.

  31. John Macintyre

    I know it was a while ago but...

    has anyone managed to download it? still can't find it

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