back to article Samsung shows very skinny telly

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  1. adnim

    Paper thick?

    I have yet to see a 1" thick piece of paper.

  2. LaeMi Qian

    I still prefer this one:

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    We don't have time to watch videos. Please do the job properly and type it out.

  4. fluffy
    Thumb Up

    How did you get that video?

    When I was at their booth earlier today they were very adamant about no photography and no video. Did you do it on the down-low?

  5. Mage Silver badge

    No more Flash

    Text and stills please.

    Start your own Satellite Channel if you want to do all these Video Reviews.

  6. Andy Tunnah


    poor girl kept falling over her words like she wasn't sure what to say

    as for the tv, meh, its good looking and everything but what exactly is the point in the tv being this thin ? it doesn't serve any extra purpose over the already waifovisions out atm

  7. F Seiler

    No more Flash 2

    Yes the "article" looks pretty poor when there is a red rectangle of no-script where there is supposedly a video.

    And no, i'm sure not going to install flash and disable no-script to watch CES news, stuff that is much better transported by text+pic. If i wanted video, i'd go to youtube or something.

  8. Edward Hull

    Text and stills not video

    Another vote for text and stills, not video.

    When reading thereg, I'm either at work or on a PDA, and don't have time, patience or capability (whether processors or open-plan office induced) to watch a d&*$ video.

  9. Pete James

    You'll look funny when you're 50.......

    You guys keep on doing video and ignore the luddites who still think moving pictures are the work of satan. In fact, do more!

  10. Steve Barnes
    Thumb Down

    re: video

    unfortunately, i have to agree. if you're going to include a video, you could at least include a text write up to go with it, as I'm at work when I read the Reg, and can't watch any video at work due to lack of software.

  11. Anonymous Coward
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    No video +1 vote

    What a non-article! The vast majority of video streams are blocked by my employer. Not that I'd ever waste valuable work time reading The Register, would I?

  12. Iain

    So thin I can't see it

    Oh wait, that's because you're faffing around with pointless videos again. Anyone know of another site with actual pictures?

  13. Scott

    FFS :|

    This whole video reviewing thing is becoming tiresome - It doesn't make El Reg up-to-date and withit - it is just annoying.

    Please don't become El Tube :|

  14. Stu

    @ all u anti-video review peeps

    Give it a rest people -

    Video is, believe it or not, a good thing on occasion, plus you get to see a hot young yank booth babe poorly represent their product, its great!

    Dont get me wrong though, written articles are good too, but having the occasional video review is a good 'diversion' from the norm.

    I suspect these ppl are only jealous cos their IT departments dont allow video streaming on work PCs!

    @The reg - we want more of these! If only to really annoy the anti-video people! ;-)

  15. Chris O'Shea

    Text from video ...

    ... er, it's basically all in the title of the article. The girl on the stand says it's a 50" LCD TV that's 1" thick and that all the standard connectors are at the back ... the video picture is from a cameraphone as far as I can tell, and at an angle to the screen at a distance, (and remember how good LCD screen images look from side angles, i.e. not very) and is quite low res and noisy.

    So you're not missing anything from not seeing the video, there just aren't any specs in the video either.

  16. Anonymous Coward
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    Stop flashing

    Thanks for the info Chris, no need to waste my time watching this c-rap!

  17. Fluffykins Silver badge

    The SCREEN may be 1" thick.......

    .....But what about the dirty great lumps of metalwork behind, which stop idiots bending the screen.

    Oh, and the use of video is probably OK for those who are in desperate need of dumbed down content, but fo rthe rest of us, it sucks. It's probably the same argument as books being forsaken for computer/video.

    .................and I'm off to WH Smiths.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So it has all the capabilities of a "regular" TV, does it? I bet the sound is crap...

  19. Pete James

    @ Fluffykins

    Excellent post there Fluffykins. I never realised that video was for people who are a bit thick. I'll have to remark on that to a mate of mine who relies on videocasts. He's dyslexic by the way.

    Next time, before you get all snooty and up your own arse about audio/visual media, try to remember that for some it's their lifeline.

  20. Steven Raith


    What sort of moron buys a 50" TV and uses the built in speakers? I'd suspect anyone looking at owt that size would have a chunky amp/5.1 system to hook it up to.

    This TV would be perfect for hanging in my hallway.

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