back to article Logitech revamps Squeezebox as Duet

Say hello to the Squeezebox 4. It's actually called the Squeezebox Duet, and it's the first version of the networked music player released since Slim Devices was snapped up by Logitech. Logoitech Squeezebox Duet remote Logtech's Squeezebox Duet receiver: musical box The Swiss mouse maker's influence is clear: the new …


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  1. Neil
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    Nice idea but...

    It's just another remote control to clutter my lounge. If I could use this Squeezebox Duet remote as a universal remote pulling AV Reciever and TV double duty I'd be all over this like a rash, but unfortunately it's not capable of controlling anything other than a Squeezebox, which is a great shame. And a missed oppurtunity.

    Maybe later in the year Logitech will release a Harmony remote that can control both a Squeezebox and all my other AV equipment. Until then I'll have to pass.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The remote IS universal

    Neil, If you can't use the remote on it's own Why is logitech selling it separartly?????

  3. David
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    I think they are selling it on its own so you can have more than one in the house (ie one downstairs and one upstairs), but it'll still only control the Squeezebox. You can buy Sonos controllers on their own too, but they still only control Sonos ZonePlayers.

    Looks like a nice bit of kit I must say, and very cheap.

  4. Paul Webster

    The remote is more powerful than you might thnk

    In theory, the Controller can generate IR signals for other devices. The mechanism has been documented - but not yet implemented.

    However, it has very few buttons so is unlikley to be used as a genuine universal remote.

    But that is not the intention.

    Given that it can also control the older models - then it is quite possible that existing customers will buy one even without a new Receiver. It is quie expensive by itself though.

    Interestingly - it has built-in DAC and a headphone-out socket. Currently not used - but in the beta programme for the device there was some success in making it play streamed audio over its WiFi connection.

    Attaching a cable to link the headphone socket to some powered speakers would detract from the usefulness of a remote control - but I can imagine that some people will do it.

    Given that the remote is a mini Linux box - with documented access to the internals then I think that there will be quite a few odd things done with it.

  5. Neil
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    I don't dispute the remote control is powerful, but much of it's power will be left to the community to implement (ie. IR support for other devices) which basically means there's a good chance that it's power will not be utilised at all. For $299 I would expect more capability out of the box and not leave so much to chance.

    The lack of buttons is the biggest problem though, it really does restrict it to Squeezebox duties and not much else. I have a Squeezebox/3 and can't see myself forking out $299 for one of these, whereas if I were buying a Squeezebox from scratch I would consider it - so realistically it may only appeal to new buyers, or existing owners with multiple Squeezeboxen already installed. Existing single SB3 owners are unlikely to be tempted due to the high price/restricted functionality.

    But if it had more buttons, and could control the rest of my AV kit I'd be very, very tempted.

    If they released the application running on this remote on my Nokia Internet Tablet (after all, the remote is just a WiFi enabled ARM computer running the SqueezeOS interpreting Lua) I'd be interested in paying for the software, say anything up to $30. But the Logitech hardware is overpriced for what it is - the Nokia N800 is a more capable ARM computer and can be had for $230.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Could be good.

    "much of it's power will be left to the community to implement"

    but if it's anything like the rest of the Squeezebox that's likely to come pretty quickly. I requested a feature on when i first got my squeezebox and someone implemented it as a plugin within a day or two.

    I might well add one of these to my collection - the remote will be a great improvement to navigating the Squeezebox itself in the Living Room and the display-less receiver would work in the office where i can access it over the web interface (or get the other remote). The cradle is a good idea - one thing the Nokia really could use.

    A lot will actually depend on the remote implementation. The original Nokia tablet is a pretty frustrating experience at the moment with slimserver as it's not very responsive.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    and it's got a scroll wheel....

    now i think i am sold.

  8. Neil
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    @Could be good

    Remember what happened to the "IR Blaster" feature in the Squeezebox 3 where you could hook up an infra-red blaster to the headphone socket and have the SB3 relay IR commands over your WiFi network to remote IR devices?

    To me it sounded like a great idea, but it was never really implemented to anyones satisfaction and is in fact now dropped on the new Squeeze Receiver (it has no headphone port).

    I love my Squeezebox and I love open source but I am under no illusion that open source will deliver every time and save the day. So for a company to charge a premium for powerful hardware that will only be fully utilised IF the open source community delivers the goods seems somewhat like a p1ss take, not to mention a major gamble.

    Logitech should reduce the price of the remote to something more reasonable, or upgrade the functionality. Depending on the open source community to make up the value add seems a risky option.

  9. Ralph B
    IT Angle


    Can it now handle RealAudio streaming (as used by BBC Radio) without requiring some software running on a server? Even Dixon's 50 quid Logik IR100 can do this, but the lack of this feature has always stopped me buying a SqueezeBox in the past.

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