back to article IBM chases the little people with hardware re-org

IBM is rejigging its hardware business around customer types, rather than by product, according to an internal memo obtained by the AP. In a message delivered to the troops today, division chief Bill Zeitler said the re-org will improve IBM's ability to (AP's quote) "sell technology to small and medium-sized business and to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    I've worked for IBM 30 years this month and collectively, we have never, and no doubt, will never, have the first clue how to sell to SMBs. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. And this ain't it. Once again.

  2. Alan Donaly


    you know I don't think I have ever read a comment on an article that just shot it down without a trace this is that comment thank you.

  3. Steven Jones

    Product vs Customer Type Organisations

    Many of us with experience of IBM in the past have seen the problems caused by organising sales along product lines. The interests of those selling mainframes was often directly in opposition to those selling competing AIX/Power based systems. What large customers wanted was the best solution - often what came up was something close to two competing bids from different teams rather than a complementary story. Often this split of self-interest was echoed in the structures of their customer's IT departments. The mainframe camp vs the UNIX camp later to be followed by the Windows camp (at which both the previous groups would sneer).

    It's nothing like as bad now, but there are still shadows of these arguments (like Z-Linux vs x86 Linux issue still rumbles on in many IT departments).

  4. Matt Bryant Silver badge
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    IBM expensive?

    Well, they never seemed expensive at the time of purchase, the clue was usually in the quote where there was a line saying "IBM Services, 30 days included".... which would grow to 60 days.... then 90 days.... then six months, if you were lucky! By this point, even if the salesbod had dropped their pants on the systems, they would be laughing all the way to the bank on all the additional consultancy necsessary to get that "seamless" integration working.

    Organising sales teams along product lines is a curse with all the major vendors, I'll be interested to see if the IBM changes make a difference as the other vendors will likely follow suit, which means more new salesbods to fleece for freebies.... ;)

  5. Jason King

    IBM Good Value

    There are always going to be good experiences and bad experiences - one of the posts here looks like a bad one, however, I have to say that you ca't just look at the cost of a piece of equipment and say "no way too expensive for me" without looking at what it can do. If you use it right it delivers great value - if you don't - well you may as well have bought a PC.

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