back to article Fear and loathing in 2008 - tell us about it!

Along with each New Year comes hopes and wishes that things will change for the best. Working in IT, though, the realist inside you has a nagging suspicion management will continue to set unrealistic expectations and vendors will - once again - over promise and under deliver. With that in mind, Register Developer presents its …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    This is missing two important things

    "I hope" that the RIAA and MPIAA get reduced to rubble and the executives mothers have to roam the streets as hookers to make ends meet.

    "I suspect that" the US congress will fight the rest of the world to put more power into the hands of private business using RIAA and MPIAA as a weapon in the process.

  2. Steven Knox
    Paris Hilton

    Should be checkboxes...

    not radio buttons -- or you should have an all of the above for each section!

  3. Francis Vaughan
    Paris Hilton

    Missing question

    So where is the "I couldn't give a damn about any of the above" button?

  4. Glenn Gilbert


    "I hope" Microsoft complete their work on a new standards-supporting, bug free browser where design choices are made on the basis of standards and not backward compatibility."

    "I suspect that" it'll be a pile of festering smeg just like IE7 and IE6 where it will only work if the entire web development community jumps though Microsoft-shaped hoops and effectively build two websites: one for standards-based browsers, one for Microsoft. So no change then.

    Could we have an icon for "I'll eat my hat if they do that".

  5. Colin Millar

    Social networks?

    I hope that their users wise up but I suspect that they will carry on dumbing down.

    As for M$ - I suspect that we'll get XPSP3 and VistaSP1

    I hope that Wikipedia carries on as they have in 2007 and continues to fall apart under the weight of its own elitism.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Another important ommision

    I hope that all the sandel wearing tree leaf eating hippies get hit by a bus.

    I suspect they will only yapp louder and more annoyingly for years to come.


    I hope web 2.0 and social networking burst just like dotcom.

    I suspect that this may happen much to my amusement.


  7. Karl Lattimer

    Missing entries

    I hope;

    * America looses the international domination of technology they've had in recent years as a result of the coming economic depression

    * The UK actually starts to invest in science & technology rather than just talking about it

    I suspect that;

    * America will prop up their economy with more wars led by economic and materialistic needs

    * Microsoft will push the release dates back of their service packs and still release them before they're ready for market

    * Apple's desktop share will increase

    * Linux desktop share will increase

    * Microsoft's market share on desktop OS's will decrease

    * Someone will invite ballmer to an empty conference room full of neat rows of chairs and announce to him the bad news that microsoft is no longer on top followed by "The furniture is already paid for, knock yourself out"

  8. Anonymous Coward

    I Predict

    earth will be hit by an unknown comet on April 1 thus saving us from worrying any more about it.

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