back to article Rock Xtreme X770 laptop with Nvidia GeForce 8800M graphics

The basic version of the 17in laptop Xtreme X770 packed GeForce 8700M graphics. Rock recently offered GeForce 7950 Go GTX graphics with 512MB of dedicated GDDR 3 memory to give your games more oomph, but that’s history now, ‘cause the GeForce 8800M GTX is here. Rock Xtreme X770 Rock's Xtreme X770: worth more than two grand …


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  1. Phil Dalbeck

    Or buy it for 800 quid less from novatech...

    I still dont understand how Rock stay in business... Novatech ( the same machine (simply a rebadged generic CLEVO chassis) for £1400 with the same 512mb 8800M GTX, 2.4ghz c2d and 4GB of ram and a 320GB hard disk (but no HD-DVD player I suppose... big whoop!).

    I reckon Rock are trying to play on shortages in 8800M parts to gouge on the price, but 2200 quid is ridiculous!

  2. Ian Rogers

    With an "a" not "e"

    That should be (with an "a"). The other is a typo-squatter ad site :-(

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