back to article Vonage shakes off patent disputes

Vonage and Nortel have agreed to settle their patent differences with an exchange of licenses, and no money changing hands, ending a year of litigation for Vonage and clearing the decks before 2008. Claims of damages, lodged during the dispute, have also been dropped. The patents involved were originally owned by Digital …


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  1. elder norm

    Go Vonage

    I switched to Vonage about 2 years ago and never looked back. Before that I had Southern Bell and ATT long distance. I was paying about $90 per month for a basic + package. And the service was just going down hill.

    Now I pay about $25 per month and get unlimited local and long distance.

    I just say, "GO" to Vonage.


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Parse above regex.

  3. tony trolle
    Paris Hilton

    WHY !

    Each time I see those ads I just wonder why not use skpe or am I missing something ?

  4. Norman Bowring

    Why... @ Tony Troole

    Because with Vonage you're not tied to your computer. You plug your phone into the Vonage provided phone/computer router and then use your phone as you would normally.

    I have used it now for about three (or is it four?) years from the southern Caribbean, Canada, France and Korea. All you need is a high speed internet provider, wherever you are, and you pay a flat rate to call throughout North America on the basic plan or to Western Europe as well on the higher rate plan.

    It's brilliant!

  5. TeeCee Gold badge


    ...and every time I see *that* I think why not just get a bog router with a SIP VOIP port or two, plug a spare phone into it and have VOIP that works when your computer's off, doesn't leech your bandwidth, is standards compliant and gives you a vast choice of providers to choose from.

    But that's just me being picky I guess.

  6. Matthew


    Hi would you mind explaining how it leeches your bandwidth? I've used Vonage for nearly two years in the UK (ditching NTL) and think its brilliant but your statement is worrying.

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