back to article Pantone cranks up the whalesong

In case you thought common-sense outfits like Pantone - the "global authority on colour" - were immune to rebranding madness, symptomised by the overwhelming desire to give forth in Strategy Boutique Newspeak, it's our sad duty to bring to your attention this announcement regarding the company's "colour of the year": Pantone …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Color of the year?

    I have to say that this color is very depressing. Especially in the gloom of winter. When it is so very dark and depressing already.

    Suicide gray would have been a better choice. Probably too optimistic of a color for the color experts.

  2. Arse Face

    it's xmas eve and we're sat reading the register!!

    It's good to see people getting paid for more meaningless shit. Pantone?? Don't they make shampoo or something? Was there a full on awards ceremony?

  3. Rob
    Paris Hilton

    hmm, blue..

    so does that mean blue is now the new black?

  4. BitTwister


    That's about the same colour as a BSOD, isn't it? "Emotionally, it is anchoring and meditative with a touch of magic." Or maybe not with Windows.

    "Look for it artfully combined with deeper plums" Deeper plums? <fnar>

  5. Adrian Esdaile

    Airfix Spitfire-roundel Blue

    And I bloody claim patent on it, so sod off Pantone, or I'll patent Mid Grey too.

    Anorak, santa hat, rum, door.

  6. Iain

    Old is new, black is white etc.

    That's just Ultramarine, #120a8f, isn't it? Which is clearly Colour Of The Year 40,000, not 2008.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    For El Reg's crowd, perhaps we could complement Blue Iris with Bloodshot White? Also anchoring and meditative as one gazes into the mirror, trying to develop the will to squeeze out the toothpaste.

  8. John Savard

    They must be right

    Apparently, there is something in the air that will make purple the color for 2008.

    I have a web site on which I've placed drawings of a number of computer front panels. Just over the last few days, I've finally bit the bullet, and added drawings of a few models of the PDP-11, a computer which had a color scheme dominated by purple.

    But it's a reddish purple, not a bluish purple, so I'm still out of fashion. Maybe if I developed an interest in Roman emperors...

  9. pctechxp
    Gates Horns

    I love the colour of BSOD in the morning/afternoon/evening

    I do reckon it looks very close to the background colour of a BSOD.

    I wonder if Microsoft will sponsor it.

  10. Jon Green

    A touch too intimate with the Christmas spirit?

    That'd be "anchored" with a 'w', then...

    Merry Crimbo to all!

  11. Andy Bright


    Haha, good one. I want to know what happened to the conservative pantonites of old, that gave my job producing leaflets, menus and other such world-shattering pieces of art 256 shades of black.

    Actually the colour of the year for 2008 will be blood red. Revolution man, lets bring done the fascists and erm.. no, wait.. if we do that how will we sign on?

  12. John Browne

    Not even the same colour as an iris.

    As shown on their own page, even. Who are they trying to kid? Certainly not graphic design professionals, nor most of the rest of us.

    A rather dull, depressing dark blue is all. You could do better yourself with even a cheapo paint program.

    Better find me coat.

  13. mohatma

    what's with all the 'whalesong' headlines?

    - i just don't understand...


    The Great White

  14. Anonymous Coward


    Thats clearly the colour of Pi.

  15. Jon
    Paris Hilton

    The years go by

    It's Christmas - Happy times .....

    Whalesong and Joss-sticks, reminds me of my youth, when that colour was as close to black as I could go without my mother pitching a fit when I painted my room as a moody teenager. Heady days .....

    Paris, just because.

  16. thedark1
    Black Helicopters


    here's my colour of the year contribution.... i'll call it hint-of-yellow semen...for that special outpouring during seasonal flu...

  17. Brett Brennan

    Pantone® @ home

    On a more serious note, Pantone® is one of the few places you can get a nice set of reference colors for doing reasonable color matching with remote colleagues. Four years ago I bought all my friends the Pantone® Shopping Color Guide, a small sampler of a few hundred of the most common Pantone® colors used in consumer products. At US$20 each, these are great little "stocking stuffers" for Christmas.

    Since all of us have the same color reference, when we exchange decorating or fashion ideas we all use the same color pallet. For example, my tailor wanted my opinion of some fabric she'd found for a cocktail dress I'd commissioned her to do for my wife. A photo of the fabric in an email, along with the Pantone® color references for the different shades in the material, and I could immediately tell what accessories would match with the fabric colors.

    This may seem "Paris Hilton" trivial, but it makes some of the more difficult shopping decisions MUCH easier.

    OK, let me put an El Reg spin on this.

    Ask your girlfriend or wife to show you her favorite clothes. When she's not around, get your Pantone® Shopping Guide out and get the color matches from these items. Jot them down, then go to the mall and find some nice little "accessories" that match the colors that you recorded from your Pantone® Guide. Surprise her with these on occasions - and she'll be totally AMAZED that you got the PERFECT match for her outfit.

    Guaranteed to increase your snogging by 50%.

    You single guys: take your Pantone® Guide with you when shopping for home furnishings at IKEA or similar stores. Go during business hours when most guys are off at work and the only shoppers are cute girls picking up decorator items for their apartments. Wear a Hawaiian shirt, nice jeans and fan your Pantone® guide around in plain sight when the girls are watching. If you don't get a couple of invites or phone numbers...take a bath.

    As I get me coat, you can find the Shopping Color Guide here:

  18. Luke Speer


    I had guys applying gallons of that colour 16 years ago on a local University,

    Bleech and age does weary it..Have not the people at Pantone heard of Ricardo Leggoretta..



  19. pctechxp

    Doesn't Brett Brennan sound more like....

    Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen!!

    This is El Reg not Changing Rooms mate.

    C'mon, be off with ya, where's my modified cattle prod.

    a Happy (and none too sober, hic) New Year to all.

    The PFY aka pctechxp*

    *Note to lawyers, just a joke

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