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In the age of Web 2.0, data is a strategic differentiator. Tim O’Reilly, considered the father of Web 2.0, has claimed “data is the Intel inside” of this revolution. Companies that control a particularly unique or desirable set of information drive more customers to their sites. But the concept of data as a competitive …


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  1. Tuomo Stauffer

    Think about it

    We have a tag like TAX! How many different taxes there are and the definition changes very often! We have tags like DATE or TIME! Give me a break. How we did handle that in past, yes, metalanguage was allowed in many systems even in 70's but any definition had to be documented and accepted in context. Not a big deal, takes two minutes in a well defined infrastructure and then you can use it, references built, correct display and store formats and calculations bound, etc. But giving a free hand is no, no in business. Why create problems when it is easy to avoid them?

  2. RichardB
    Paris Hilton


    Yeah, I can see a lot of OO slack (what do they call it - oh yeah 'agile') programmers would love this. Marketing folk would fawn all over them. Managers would pander to their whim.

    And 6 months down the line when it all comes to a grinding halt - or god forbid anyone ever wants to acutually datamine it - they will have to call in the inflexible traditionalists to do it right. The OO folk will whine about unforseen scalability and how unfair it is that it would work if only they would spend another million on hardware.

    Probably turns out to be a simple and fast relational structure that could have been put in quite easily and cheaper to start with.

    Hilton? Yeah - if she were a programmer, this is what she'd want...

  3. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Who's been sleeping in my bed/head

    "Hilton? Yeah - if she were a programmer, this is what she'd want..."

    Would she want to be a Programmers Moll/Muse/Rock. Could she Hack the Role and Crack Love's CodeXXXX or would it have to be Programmed for her to Follow?

    Although who's to say Paris is not a Star of Reality Programming for SMARTer Programs. Hilton Money is Solid Stock invested Everywhere and the Future is All where IT is at.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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