back to article Canon PowerShot A460 compact camera

Quality used to cost. We all know that whenever we bought a consumer electronics product, part of what we paid went on the brand name. Well, things have changed and the Canon PowerShot A460 is sure testament to this, and a snip at just £70, the A460 is very much a budget-priced product. At this price, quite a few compromises …


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  1. mahoney


    I bought one of these a couple of months ago, and I'm very happy with it. There are tons more features not mentioned in this review. My favorite is using the Macro & 'super' macro settings for super close-up photos. (Maybe I'll upload some pics tonight to post as examples)

    The ability to turn most (if not all) of the cameras settings to 'manual' gives you ALOT of control, and lets you take some really cool shots.

    I totally recommend this camera to anyone looking to buy one.


  2. thomas k.


    To give Cannon it's due, they are one of the few manufacturers who continue to include optical viewfinders on many of their non-SLR models. It's certainly easier to hold the camera steady when you have it pressed up against your face than holding it in front of you while looking at the LCD.

  3. Oliver Smith

    How does it compare...

    .. to the current batch of 'top of the range' camera phones?

    The reason I've been holding off spending the extra money on / putting up with the extra bulk of one of those mobiles is because I've never seen them produce results that get anywhere near rivalling the most basic of budget digital cameras.

  4. J
    Thumb Up


    Second that!

    I just got a Panasonic Lumix TZ3 to carry everyday (can't really do that with my DSLR), which is quite nice but does not have the optical VF. Quite disconcerting too, for someone who's grown up with a K1000...

  5. piper

    camera not phone..

    Camera phones don't even get close. The lenses are nowhere near as good, and performance in low light levels tends to be far worse. True, manufacturers can cram 5-megapixel technology into them, but with tiny sensors this just means images tend to suffer from noise. Stick with a proper camera if you want photographs you can actually display.

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