back to article Smurf gives Paris Hilton a mouthful

Paris Hilton allegedly got a bit of a mouthful from a Russian dwarf posing as a Smurf when she attempted to "adopt" a pair of the loveable characters at a Berlin Xmas market. According to the Daily Star, the talented heiress may have been a bit the worse for wear when she spotted the diminutive actors painted blue to promote …


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  1. Barry Patterson
    Thumb Up


    Guess she ran into Grouchy Smurf.

  2. Pete

    Great title

    Just reading the title I was already thinking about the Paris Hilton "angle"...

  3. Rick S

    Mr Bigglesworth...

    I wondered if the smurf was given a chance to earn his freedom by mining for coal?

    (SouthPark reference)

  4. Slaine
    IT Angle

    This CANNOT be true

    oh - it's from the Daily Star... nuff said.

  5. FRLinux
    Dead Vulture

    South Park?

    Just when I thought that South Park was going a bit too far with the caricature of herself ! The pictures of her dead pets will haunt me forever :)

  6. Paul F
    Thumb Up


    What a great way to start my day!

  7. Pin

    Did he...

    Did he shout at her until he was blue in the face?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    ‘Smurf gives Paris Hilton a mouthful’

    ... and there I was hoping that you just forgot to label it "NSFW".

  9. Busby
    Paris Hilton

    Just how detatched from reality is she?

    I mean really come on how far from the norm is her day to day life that she wanted to adopt two Russian Smurfs. The woman does not have the brain capacity of a hamster.

  10. Steven Griffiths
    Paris Hilton

    And a thousand porn producers...

    ...go "hmmmmmm..."

  11. Richard
    Paris Hilton

    South Park

    Is anyone else reminded of the South Park where Ms Hilton buys Butters from his parents and then has a whore-off with Mr Slave? Unbelievable.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Kudos to the actors. Celeb or not, that doesn't give anyone the right to be patronising! Even if it is Paris...

  13. Ash

    You're smurfing kidding me!

    "Can you believe that Paris chick?"

    "What about her?"

    "She Smurfed me! Right in the parking lot!"

    "Get the Smurf out...!"

    "Yeah she did! Stuck it right in her Smurf!"

    "Smurfing A, man... Smurfing A..."

    (Shamelessly paraphrased from Family Guy)

  14. Pat


    They get given the opportunity for an internet-wide roll role & (of all things) they let dignity get in the way!

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Russians in the rear view mirror

    are closer than they appear.

  16. Anton Ivanov
    Paris Hilton

    Pity they did it in english

    Certain russian words that start with Bl and finish with yad would have been more appropriate.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Do you seriously think everybody who says, "They're so cute, can I take them home?" is literally ready to sign adoption papers? I mean, geez, I don't think Hilton is up for the next Physics Nobel, but you don't have to check your own brain at the door just to get a whack in at the celeb-hate-target-du-jour.

  18. icklefluffybunnyrabbit

    I am NOT advocating any acts of violence to Smurfs, but...

    ...yet another missed opportunity to finally answer one of the ultimate questions that has plagued mankind for decades...What colour do Smurfs go when strangled?

  19. Spleen
    Paris Hilton

    The Paris Hilton angle

    ...was probably best had by the dwarfs, given that their eye level was almost certainly below the hem of what Ms Hilton was wearing that day when she "bent down to talk to them".

  20. matthé
    Paris Hilton

    patronising smurfs?

    "Kudos to the actors. Celeb or not, that doesn't give anyone the right to be patronising! Even if it is Paris..."

    excuse me?

    If you are a 'little person' (of small physical height because of a genetic medical condition) and you volunteraly paint yourself blue and wear white hats and trousers to promoto sweets for children posing as a cartoon figure you CHOSE for people to patronise you.

    Even Paris has that right.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ matthé


    Little persons, as you so politically correct call them don't have much choices when it comes to career paths. Just look around.

    It's not like they have much to choose from.

    They deserve my respect for being able to stand all day in a market, in Christmas.

    And I think that as adults, they deserve respect from other (supposed) adults.

  22. Shakje

    Re: patronising smurfs?

    What if it's not because of a genetic medical condition, you're just a little person painted blue, wearing white hats, and trousers to promote sweets for children posing as a cartoon figure, is it not all right then?

  23. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    The IT Angle?...

    Smurf Attacks..

  24. Jonathan Fitt
    Paris Hilton


    So would she not be able to call Mickey Mouse cute and say you want to adopt him at Disneyland? Does one need to consider the man in the suit might not want a hug and a photo?

    They are playing Smurfs, they should expect to be treated like them.

    Do they expect:

    "Hey, what's up? Nice hat. It's a bit colder than I was expecting. Oh, you're Russian, that's cool. Do you do these markets every year?"

    Seriously. I'm no Paris fan, but a girl goes giddy on seeing a smurf, and that guy totally overreacts.

  25. Tyler

    @Anon @matthe

    just cause they have a physical defect that makes them short, doesn't mean they don't have most of the same career choices regular size people do. Last I checked most office chairs have height adjusters. Hell my job as a Sys Admin might actually be easier if I was that size since there is the occasional need to crawl around in tight spaces.

  26. Jonathan Fitt

    @Anonymous Coward

    "Little persons, as you so politically correct call them don't have much choices when it comes to career paths. Just look around.

    It's not like they have much to choose from."

    What? That's the most backwards (and grammatically shaky) thing I've heard in a while (and I'm on the Internet).

    EU employment law prohibits discrimination on size. Granted, in the realms of acting they have few opportunities, but I would put it to you that he could have been a Doctor, or an IT specialist.

    If he took a job which had him dressed as a Smurf he clearly already accepted that his employer was exploiting his size.

    "They deserve my respect for being able to stand all day in a market, in Christmas."

    Unlike all the other market stall owners at that market, and every market all year all over the country?! Is it the standing that gets your respect, or standing while being little? Hmm?

  27. Jonathan Fitt


    Hell, people must really not be considering any form of required size when hiring Sys Admins if the job has the need to get into small places:

    Have you seen the average Sys Admin!


  28. Neil Cooper

    When I moved to the US from the UK

    I was amazed at how Americans clearly think midgets are endlessly funny, and also appear to think that its perfectly OK to make open fun of them right in front of their faces.

    It just all seems incredibly tasteless to me. Well I suppose America has never been known for its level of sophistication or consideration for others.

  29. Brett


    Whut u say thar, Neil? Why if I wuddn't on my couch eatin' my Cheetos, I'd come over yonder and hit you wit my monster truck tire. Yup. That'd learn ya......Keeerap, "Cops" is on. You done made me miss the start of ma program.

    (Sorry, I was just making sure I fit into your stereotype. I'd hate for a stereotype like yours to be found incorrect.)

  30. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Can we dispense of kooky?

    It's naff and belongs in the bin along with m***e and the rest.

    Where's the language fascist icon?

  31. This post has been deleted by its author

  32. Matt

    Shameless Family Reference Part 2

    I think the 2, sorry, little people missed out on a trick here. If only Grouchy had kept his cool, he could have got her number:

    Smurf1: Hey heard you hate a date with that Paris Hilton chick last night!

    Smurf2: Yea, man, she was un-smurfing-believable!

    S1: Did you smurf her?

    S2: All smurfing night!

    S1: No smurfing way!

    S2: She was un-smurfing-believable!

    S1: Did she...<pointing motion>

    S2: Oh yea!

    S1: You mean she?

    S2: Yea man! She took it up the smurf!!

    I'll get me coat.

  33. Graham Marsden

    Pass the Brain Bleach...

    I just had this vision of a porn film featuring Paris Hilton and Smurfette...!!!

  34. J


    The "smurfs" in question would have done better by opening their arms and running to her to be picked up. Why not have some fun while at it, FFS? You're painted in blue in the middle of kids all day long. Hehe, have some fun too, if you know what I mean... (I mean, unless Smurfette is around)

    But some people have conjectured on PH and Smurfette being suspiciously similar

  35. yeah, right.
    Dead Vulture

    excuse me?

    So the guy is dressed like a smurf. A SMURF. So she plays the game, and HE calls HER patronising? Kill the smurf. For once, it wasn't her issue.

  36. Nordrick Framelhammer

    I'll wait...

    till it comes out on something like YouTue before I give the story 100% credence

    However, given just how vacuous that bint it, it would not suprise me in the least that she woud do exactly that.

  37. Andy Worth

    Re: Kudos

    Sorry, but being dressed up as a fucking Smurf gives someone every right to be patronising. She probably expected that given that he was painted blue and wearing stupid clothes that he might have some kind of sense of humour, but evidently he went out of the house and forgot about what he was wearing.

    Sorry but if I dress up in a stupid costume (say for example as a giant chicken), I'd expect a healthy amount of patronisation and sarcasm. Just because the bloke is short shouldn't change his expectations of how people will react. In fact, it'd be more prejudice NOT to take the piss, given that you would out of a person of average height in the same costume.

    In other words, I completely agree with "yeah, right"

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Urban myth?

    You know, I don't buy this one. Feels like a publicity stunt, and a cheap one at that.

    As for all the other jammering, it's easily overlooked (pardon the topical pun) that Paris Hilton not only never HAD to work, she now has enough personal cash to wander off into the sunset in her high heels and not care about anyone.

    Or is that precisely everyone's problem? Jealous?

  39. Steve


    "Sorry, I was just making sure I fit into your stereotype. I'd hate for a stereotype like yours to be found incorrect."

    Well, you completely missed the sarcasm and jumped straight to bitching so you're doing a great job so far.

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There was a catgirl at the post office on Monday

    Sadly I got served by the one in the elf costume or I'd have exclaimed "Kitty!" on approaching the desk. She couldn't slap me through the glass.

  41. Harry Murkin
    Paris Hilton

    It's Smurfarelic!


    ! In 3D Night Vision !

    Coming to a back alley internet theater near you.

    Subtitles in braille.

  42. Daniel

    i think it, like, totally rocks ...

    ... that the responses to this story turned into a ping pong match about treating midgets dressed as smurfs as if you really though that they were smurfs.

    (/me checks that /me is not dreaming, or been excessively at the crimbo cheer.)

  43. This post has been deleted by its author

  44. Tim
    Thumb Up


    Ahh, The Daily Star. An Oracle of Truth if there ever was one. <picks up The Beano and looks for related articles...>

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