back to article Do composting toilet worms get the blues?

Auckland Regional Council (ARC) has required the inventor of a worm-driven composting toilet to get professional confirmation that his workforce was not "traumatised or stressed" by its crap job, the Sunday Star Times reports. Colin Bell was looking for official approval for his "wormorator", which relies on a colony of tiger …


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  1. Mark

    I wonder...

    Would it have been OK if it was animal faeces? Where the hell do they get these people from??

    Human rights for worms, i've heard everything now....

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Middle Management

    Can someone alert these people to the middle-management I work under.. I regularly get large amounts of crap deposited upon me, and I'm expected to clear it up, but no Australia comes and checks on me. Humpf.

  3. Paul Kinsler Silver badge


    ... are human faeces suitable feed for the worms, and can they cope with the large variation in food supply expected? It seems a reasonable couple of points to raise, even if done with somewhat daft terminology.

  4. James Haley

    But, what about....

    ...all those McDonalds workers that are left untreated/overworked/underfed, if we are now worried about worms, should we now be worried about them? This opens up a whole new can of worms!

  5. Hedley Phillips

    Sounds fair

    I think this is fair.

    They were just highlighting concerns about the animals welfare and food supply.

    There wouldn't have been such an issue if it was cows/horses/pigs/sheep that they were discussing.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Worker worms of the world unite !

    Arise ye downtrodden proletariat worms !

    Solidarity with your brother workers !

    Overthrow your bourgeois toilet bosses, unite and be free !

    Strike comrades, the time has come for the worm to turn!

    Revolution comrades, you have nothing to lose but your ......flush chains ?

  7. Andy Wager
    Dead Vulture


    They're f*****g worms..

  8. Nick Cassimatis

    How happy are they?

    Well, they're breeding, so they must be happy!

  9. Chris


    Never a truer word said.

    >> There wouldn't have been such an issue if it was cows/horses/pigs/sheep that they were discussing.

    Nope, Mainly because I'm much more likely to eat one of those.

  10. A J Stiles

    Watch where this is heading

    Worms have rights ..... this is scary.

    Sooner or later, somebody is going to decide that germs have rights too, and stop using all forms of antiseptics and medicines.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Do they eat

    a lot of curries in NZ? That might make the worms reconsider their breeding habits.

  12. Curtis W. Rendon

    @Sounds fair

    With1/2 dozen neurons rubbing together happiness isn't an issue.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Now I realised that NZ was a haven for many left-wing nutjobs, but I never imagined that some animal rights wacko would ever think that worms needed to be kept "happy" whilst doing what they do naturally. I wonder how the poor little bastards feel as I use them for bait whilst fishing?

  14. Jon Tocker

    As a New Zealander...

    I would like to point out for the benefits of all foreigners that council flunkeys are deemed to be a lower form of life than lawyers, politicians and bank managers.

    According to some bloke down at the DSIR their DNA shows them to be marginally human so we're morally obliged to find employment for them.

    I've dealt with council flunkeys and, believe me, compared with them the worms are an advanced life form...

  15. GregH

    but I am also concerned about the starving worms...

    I think the council should employ some people to visit the campgrounds and ... know, feed the worms during the low season. I would not be able to sleep knowing that those worms that served so diligently during the holidays would be starving.

  16. Scott


    "you have to have someone with the necessary qualification"

    Surely as a council work and middle management she was more than qualified in regards to big piles of shit

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