back to article T-Mobile and 3 hook up for 3G coverage

T-Mobile and 3 are to combine their 3G radio networks in the UK, increasing coverage for both companies and reducing running costs. The agreement follows a similar deal between Vodafone and Orange, announced earlier this year. Rather than being a coverage issue for these two operators however, the main driver was cost- …


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  3. Neil Hoskins


    Just checked 3's coverage map (I'm a T-mobile customer). What, exactly is "turbo". Do they mean HSDPA? If so, why don't they say so?

  4. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Quality over quantity!

    Yes, I prefer Vodafone over the other providers for coverage, but just having lots of towers doesn't necessarily mean a better service. You can be literally right round the corner from a mast and get no signal due to geographical features or buildngs. We had a whole load of users with Voda 3G cards, and for most of them it was brilliant, even on the move, but the funniest failure was the CIO I spoke to whose 3G only worked in his upstairs toilet, despite his home being in central Southampton and within a mile of a 3G mast! We made many a joke about how his greatest works were completed whilst on his throne!

  5. Tim Spence

    RE: Turbo?

    I expect because few people outside of geekdom understand what HSDPA means.

    "Is that better than GSM?" or "Is that similar to SMS?, I hear them ask.

  6. Gianni Straniero


    TFFT. If this means better T-Mobile coverage, I'm all for it. I'm sick of having calls dropped in the ABSOLUTE GEOGRAPHICAL CENTRE OF LONDON just because I was lured into churning from O2 with this Web n' Walk tariff.

  7. Mage Silver badge

    TCP/IP over SMS

    This is possible. But could be outperformed by avian TCP/IP. Even on latency.

  8. Red Bren

    Boing Boing?

    Does this impact on T-Mobile's sponsorship of West Bromwich Albion? Will all the team have to wear number 3 shirts?

    I'm going, I'm going, oh no not the taser... kzzzrrrt

  9. AJ
    Thumb Up


    ... If this means faster broadband through wireless and better coverage for T-Mobile it has to be a good thing!

    At least these 2 companies will be offering a different broadband experience, not relying on the crap that is ADSL, they would waste their money trying to get into this market. Give me my T-Mobile wireless adapter anyday...

    I just hope they improve the pricing for internet access to be more competitive and offer better plans :)

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