back to article Sony posts PS3 DivX firmware update

Sony has formally announced the firmware update that will bring support for the DivX video format and for the Blu-ray Disc Profile 1.1 - aka Bonus View - to the PlayStation 3. Firmware 2.10 is available for download immediately, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe said - though at the time of writing it had yet to be added to …


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  1. Alex
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    About time

    It's about time they released it. Looking forward to trying a few files out.

    Let's see how long it takes for the flaming to start.. ;)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More tripe by Mark

    360 plays all officialy standard DivX/XviD and WMV profiles covered by official DivX licensing perfectly well thank you very much.

    Sucks that you're upset that as a PS3 fanboy you had to wait an additional couple of weeks for it over us 360 users but no need to outright lie to suggest playback for the PS3 is somehow superior when it's just simply not.

    How's that list of games worth playing going for your lovely PS3? Oh nevermind, it's as dead as ever isn't it.

  3. Richard Spooner
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    Long time coming

    Right I'm going to keep my comment JUST to the issue around the DivX play back for the console.

    How ironic that Sony have learnt more than Microsoft from those people that converted their old Xbox's to be a media centre. I so looked forward to the 360 finally replacing my old Xbox as a media centre, only to find the DivX player addition was, well... useless as Mark has pointed out.

    Hats off to Sony for really grasping the nettle with this and going the whole hog, I can't find an Xvid or DivX file I have that it won't play.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I await the day that any article that mentions PS3 or Xbox 360 doesn't turn into a cock waving battle.

    I have both machines, and I have no intention of playing DivX or XviD on either.

  5. Stephen Nicol

    Have a word


    You 'fanboys' in either camp are a disgrace. Who cares when the updates were out for either console. Both consoles got the update which supports the same functionality - it doesn't matter a flying fk.

    No-one in their right mind should want any of the consoles to fail - competition is healthy and both have their good and bad points.

    Besides what are you going to snipe about next: "But the PS3 has Blu-Ray", "Yes but the game selection is P1sh", "Well the 360 doesn't have a built in HD drive"....blah, blah, blah.

    Just enjoy what the fk you've got and stop bl00dy whinging about it. It's pathetic.

    I have a 360 and it's got some corking games but I also want a PS3 because it's got Blu-Ray and will have, at some point, some equally good games to it's name.

  6. mark carlisle
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    its on the psn ok but try getting it down the line! seems like the server is at a standstill..

    i stream all my movies so no biggie on divx but all updates are hugely welcome - gotta luv progess!

    on another point though...

    always find someone on a console comment who either:

    a: has no intention of using whatever but feels the need to tell everyone

    b: is passionate about their console(s) and enjoys waving their cock about

    and finally the rest of us who enjoy making constructive comments(mostly)

  7. Nigel
    Paris Hilton


    PS3 owners will now be able to play all of their "specialist" ;) videos on their super-duper HDTV via their overpriced black brick, therefore going some way to try and justify the wedge of cash they parted with for it in the first place....

    Paris Icon used as she is probably in that collection somewhere (probably not in HD, sadly).

  8. Tim

    Double dip time

    So we'll start seeing existing Blu-Ray titles re-released with interactive features and in-vision commentaries now to catch up with the equivalent titles on HD DVD? Going to be costly for Blu-Ray fans ;)

    Still, they'll be re-released a third time when profile 2.0 is finally launched and they add web enabled features to the same titles. ;)

  9. hans


    Is this important or even newsworthy, as I was pointed to UT3 yesterday and now wait with my keyboard and gaming mouse at the ready.

    And whats a 'specialist' collection, something Horny I assume like Ainsley Harriots guide to making buttons out of antlers?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: updates

    >a: has no intention of using whatever but feels the need to tell everyone

    OK, so I admit that I didn't really have a relevant point to make in my earlier post, but I just *really* wanted to use the expression "cock waving battle". Yay, I used it again.

    To elaborate on my point about not being bothered about DivX, all the films I watch are on purchased or rented DVD or BluRay discs, like most peoples legal collection of films, right?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    anyone know if/when it'll support h264?

  12. mark carlisle

    hey tony!!!

    "To elaborate on my point about not being bothered about DivX, all the films I watch are on purchased or rented DVD or BluRay discs, like most peoples legal collection of films, right?"

    love the 'cockwaving' expression btw!

    I find it very handy to have my 300+ collection of dvds ripped to a couple of hard drives in good quality and stream them thru ethernet using a wee program called TVersity(google it). I also rent blu ray through tesco dvd rental (aka lovefilm)(btw El Reg -got me free ipod shuffle today so thanks for the heads up)

    definition of legal I assume you refer to 'torrent etc' sourced stuff?

    don't bother personally but loads do hence the popularity..

    as of 16.50 today I still can't get the 2.10 update cause the network is too busy....guess I'll wait until after 10pm and all the fanboys are safely tucked up in their beds :rofl

  13. Tim

    Re: *sigh*

    It's funny how when advantages of HD DVD are pointed out all we get is sighs and moans that all people are doing is cockwaving, or "who needs these features anyway".

    However when a Nielson report is out the same people are happy to cockwave their "2:1" figures ;)

    It amazes me how uptight the Blu camp can get (to the extent of defacing HD DVD sites apparently in their latest tactic), when they are winning hands down.. or so they continually remind us. Beats me why the Blu camp even needs to be cockwaving.

  14. Phil Rigby
    Paris Hilton

    Tsunami time

    With all the cockwaving going on, there's probably a Tsunami headed for Taiwan or someplace now (chaos theory).

    Paris Hilton because... well, cockwaving I guess :-)

  15. Tom Silver badge

    Funny how they leave out the good stuff

    No mention of any of the more esoteric formats - anything I rip (for my own backup purposes, clearly) or record (MythTV) these days goes directly into 2 pass x264 (MPEG4/AVC but without the patents) using the matroska container format. Will be a while before we see any of these devices supporting them I reckon.

    Personally, I hope Bluray wins this format war. I'm not buying either format till there is one clear winner, and (to me) bluray is clearly technologically superior. Its all moot till we have cheaper 1080p sets anyway, 720p isn't a massive step up from DVD from what I've seen from friends HD rigs.

  16. Chris Braisby

    Battle of the ego

    This was an article about extra video support for the PS3, just because the PS3 finally gets it does not mean that the 360 version is worse.

    People with either buy one machine or the other based on a whole heap of thoughts and priorities.

    If you like PS3 good, if you prefer the 360 good if you like both good as well.

    Personally I've got the PS3 but if a game comes out that I want on the 360 then I might consider buying one as well, I've still got a spare HDMI slot on the back of the telly. Both machines are pretty close overall, which is why all these comments always come down to splitting hairs rather than highlighting huge differences.

    If you lot don't grow up then you best go out and get yourselves a Wii, a much better reflection of your maturity.

  17. Richard Spooner

    Aren't we a bunch of bitches....

    No matter how hard someone tries to put positive slants on things, we all turn into such a bunch of bitches!! It's like we are in the playground!

  18. Sam

    Wii are children...

    Yes yes, Wii owners, we're all 3 years old.

    Your comment is 'a much better reflection of YOUR maturity.'

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