back to article The year's biggest big thing? You be the judge!

Who's that gut lord marching... you should cut down on your mince pies mate... bah, Humbug! Having asked you to shortlist the biggest events of 2007, it's now time to determine what you think is the defining moment of the year from that list. You can register your vote below, or by clicking in the Humbug! Reg Dev's seasonal …


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  1. Peter
    Black Helicopters

    Not enough choices!

    Cool, but not nearly enough choices! How about:

    Vista - You've got to be kidding!


    Spam - it keeps coming and coming and coming

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  3. Unknown_Noel

    OLPC ships

    The OLPC shipping will be remembered longer and have greater impact than anything else on your list. Well, maybe we'll all look back in ten years and chuckle over the dead-whale bellyflop of Vista, and how that kicked off Micro$oft's decline into irrelevance. That, while we're fondly reminiscing about how SCO declared bankruptcy in Delaware to avoid facing the judge in Utah, only to be kicked back to Utah by the bankruptcy judge ... after having had lots more dirty laundry aired, as one has to in bankruptcy court. Smart move, SCO!

  4. James Anderson

    f*****g iPhones

    <rant>B****d things, mediocre phone stuck in an iPod box, only avialble with mege expensive contract, some of the most expensive/slow GPRS ever</rant>

    My wife wants one ( I even tried to tempt here with a Prada phone - but no it has to be an iPhone), may nieces want one each.

    Steve Jobs gets richer and I get poorer the world is so unfair.

  5. Alex
    Thumb Down

    but but

    what about....


    Dell & the indirect route???

    SatNav Horror???

    General public in Wii difficulty??

    etc etc etc can only assume the offered topics were the post-it notes that Gavin woke up with stuck to his face? heh heh

  6. Edwin

    Reg readers - for shame!

    Looking at the outcome, I am truly disappointed in Reg readership.

    This year, MS launched yet another OS, which some interesting features and a lot of disappointments. Just like 3.0/3.1/3.11/95ABC/98(SE)/ME/XP. Nothing earth-shattering there, but I guess we should expect the geeks to whine about it.

    What we should collectively be ashamed of is that the big-endian fanboys are in second place... My heart weeps for IT.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    @OLPC ships

    .. yep, i am going to remember this for that little wonder (mine is in the post YAY!).

    It may be small and child-oriented currently, but with the Asus EEE, it is showing that we dont need the excessive hardware demands of Vista to have a cool machine.

    It is also leading the world to a more connected future, where MS cannot bully its way onto the desktops of every office since many new computer / net users are going to coming from poorer countries that cant pay the MS tax.

    The western world has had the playground to itself for long enough, now we are going to see many more open-source users from places like Brasil, China and Africa. Linux and Open Source is already big in these places, and whatever your opinion, something that is free and comparable/better than windows, is worth looking at.

    So maybe on reflection my choice would have been "Vista - the beginning of the end."

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Wii, DRM, Radiohead, Blair, Office & ViStasi

    Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, went wiiiii all the way to the bank.

    Death of DRM, Amazon DRM free music store, Amazon go wiiii all the way to the bank.

    Radiohead successfuly album launch! Radiohead go Wiii all the way to the bank.

    Blair resigns, blames bad guidance from invisible supreme being for morality based laws. Doesn't apologise for his wiiiiii all over individual freedoms.

    What ever happened to Office 2007 did they launch that? Vistasi / silverfish wasn't the only yawn in 2007. World goes wiiii all over Microsoft.

  9. wobbly1

    Wot no Ubuntu?

    for it or agin it, it made some waves this year

  10. Jon Brunson


    I seriously doubt many people will look back and think "you know, it was great when we got VS2008, such wild parties we had" *ahem*

    Somehow I think 2007 will be remembered for the year that:

    - Nintendo finally got their revenge on Sony (if you're a Nintendo fan)

    - Sony outsold Wii for two whole weeks (if you're a Sony fan)

    - You bought a Wii to complement your 360 (if you're a Microsoft fan)

    - or the year that you started gaming (if you're a normal person)

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    OLPC Ships +1

    OLPC Ships +1

  12. kevin gill

    OLPC Ships +1

    OLPC Ships +1

  13. Chris Holt

    Where's the CowboyNeal option?

    Every vote needs one...?! <geek reference>

  14. Fenwar

    It's all about the data

    2007 was the year the general public finally woke up to the fact that can't be trusted with their data.

    For all the persistent hard work by campaigners like no2id, of course the organisation that finally achieved this was Her Maj's Revenue & Customs.

    Easily my favourite news story of the year.

  15. alex dekker

    Wot, no Android?

    You insensitive clods!

  16. D Morehouse


    ..would have made a nice addition to the list.

  17. Charlie


    Got to agree with the above

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