back to article Warner Bros to remake Clash of the Titans

Further evidence, were it needed, that Hollywood is increasingly incapable, or unwilling, to invest in original material comes with the announcement that Warner Bros is to remake 1981 adventure Clash of the Titans. According to Variety, Steve Norrington will take the helm in his first directorial role since League of …


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  1. Miguel

    Terrible news.....

    I wonder what Ray Harryhausen is saying about this

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    to quote Michael Caine

    "I wish they would remake the bad ones!"

  3. George Johnson

    Cheaper and easier

    I wonder if someone affiliated with the studio already owns the rights to these old movies. Imagine, no expensive licensing to a new third-party, no grief from third-party's laywers, everyone's a winner....except Joe Public. I wonder how many struggling writers with real talent, simply give up and go home after the 354th rejection letter from the studio fat-cats.

  4. Darren Brooke



    there here....

    hang on wheres his screen doofer thingummy


  5. David Cornes
    IT Angle

    Money to burn?

    Remake a classic? Questionable if understandable. Remake a film that was crap the first time around?? Hmmm...

  6. Julian Cook
    Thumb Up

    this is the way to go...

    What with the greedy WGA trying to take over everything then why not just not ignore them.

  7. Andy Hards
    IT Angle

    Um what?

    Am I being ignorant or is amanfrommars spouting a load of wank. Cos other than a couple of words I don't understand anything he just wrote. Was it just geek stuff or bolix?

  8. Anonymous Coward

    And they wonder why.....

    people don't go more to the movies or buy DVD's...Oh yeah it's because of the same reason cd sales aren't better, illegal file sharing, yes that's it.

    Nothing to do with the same old , uninspired, s**t being poured out all the time....

  9. adnim

    @Andy Hards

    A meaning can not be discerned from the literal. One has to read without putting preconceived interpretation on the content. Only then does some form of sense coalesce from what does, to most if not all conventional thinking, seem to be a jumbled mess of disconnected words.

    Because of the quantum nature of reality there is a 1 in of 3x10^37 chance of any one of amfms post being acute succinct and gaining Crystal Mark accreditation.

    As for the movie: /me shrugs

  10. TEQ

    Personally I've always wanted to see this film with decent effects

    The original was a case of excellent story, laughably shite special effects.

    Bring it on I say

  11. Michael Compton
    Black Helicopters

    Re. And they wonder why.....

    I concur and the soon more people stop paying for these over-hyped over priced piles of crap the sooner we can get rid of the corporate monstrocities and over payed actors responsible for pushing such dung.

    But unfortuately the vast majority of people are sheep and will happily buy what there told to buy, horray for consumerism.

    Cynical Mouth :)

  12. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Definitive Clarification ...... in Creative Ambiguity?

    "Am I being ignorant or is amanfrommars spouting a load of wank."

    I can definitely assure you that it is not a load of wank, Andy Hards. And it is a lot more than just geek stuff.

    PS Apparently Creative Ambiguity is presently being sought in Bali re protracted negotiations taking place there.

    I trust that reply is not ambiguous. Ignorance though is a bit harsh on yourself as it is only having less than all of the facts and therefore a fractured view on all that is being created in the background/Underground.

    You would hardly expect anything less from FlowurPower2, surely? And the Register has had a lot more pieces of the Zigzag Jigsaw than it has Boldly Gone and Shared/Dared 42 Win Win in Print. .....

  13. Wade Burchette
    Paris Hilton

    This confirms it

    This confirms that Hollywood with reality. They remake movies or put out sorry movies and wonder why people don't rush to see a movie. The last movie I saw in a theater was the Simpsons movie, and I only saw it once because I, diehard Simpsons fan, wasn't impressed. Before that, it was Spiderman 3.

    So Hollywood is looking at dropping attendance. Somebody is at fault. Since people in power don't blame themselves for anything, they try to find a scapegoat. For them, it is illegal file sharers. So they blame them and use that as an excuse to load us up with more DRM, which further alienates the public.

    To anyone with half a brain, it makes sense. Better movies = better attendance. To Hollywood, nothing makes sense.

  14. Ivan Headache

    @ Andy Hards

    Actually, AMFM has just received his 355th screenplay rejection.

  15. Melmoth

    The Long Good Friday

    Ah yes ... "The Long Good Friday" remake. They've already written an obituary for it at - sad but very funny

  16. breakfast Silver badge

    Just annoying

    Surely the viewing public is getting tired of endless poor remakes of decent films?

    There are just so many great writers creating imaginative and interesting fiction right now that it would be very easy to commission a selection of short stories with the option to make films based on them and find at least one or two potential classics to work up. Imagine what could be created if a set of people like ( to pick an arbitrary selection) China Mieville, Charles Stross, Steph Swainston, John Courtenay Grimwood and Mark Chadbourn were to be comissioned to put together a short story/novella ( novels very rarely make good films ) with the intention of it being made into a film. I'd be willing to bet that the outcome would be more interesting, original and probably more popular than another tiresome remake sully the reputation of the film it was derived from.

  17. Slaine

    value for investment

    bring out a NEW movie... start from scratch generating public interest... remake a classic and the viewing public is already primed to attend... easy peasy eh?

    At this rate, come 2020 there will only be remakes of "LoTR"s at the cinema. Think I'll hang this coat up and stay indoors tonight.

  18. Mark
    Thumb Down

    IT killed the movie star

    No doubt vast swathes of CGA and no plot whatsoever (Rather than vast lumps of plasticene/latex and no plot whatsoever as per the original).

    A common theme coming out here? Maybe they should come up with a computer program that can write good plotlines.

    Should be a good earner for you embearded ones in the IT business though.

    P.s., Why not a movie of Larry Nivens Ringworld, or something by Iain M Banks? There is so much really great stuff out there to blow a few mil on.

  19. OldGreeeeeg

    I'm just waiting for a Big Budget Reimagining of Night of the Lepus!

    Big scary CGI bunnies.... I'm sure someone in Hollywood is chomping at the carrot to redo that one.

  20. Francis Boyle

    I'm looking forward to . .

    Zeus played by a cgi Laurence Olivier with the ham setting turned up to 11.

  21. Rick Lesniak
    Thumb Up


    >"I wish they would remake the bad ones!"

    When they run out of good ones, they will.

  22. Mike Moyle

    Re: @Finnbar

    @y Rick Lesniak

    >>"I wish they would remake the bad ones!"

    >When they run out of good ones, they will.

    So, that'll be the remake of the remake of "Clash of the Titans"*, then.

    *Granted, it's not Harryhausen's best. OTOH, if remaking that one keeps them busy and away from "Jason and the Argonauts" (a much more enjoyable film), then I can live with it.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's not the movie

    I don't mind remakes, since everything is just placed in a different setting, time...

    The price to see it is one thing, but the price of, hmm..., popcorn, a pop or anything else is ridiculous. $5 for a popcorn (I can get more for a dollar out of a vending machine and the movie popcorn isn't covered in REAL butter anymore), $3 for a small pop (I can get a COLD, non-watered down version for a dollar out of a vending machine), and all the other wonderful expenses for a simple snack.

    Maybe they could remake the first three episodes of Star Wars to make up for the eye candy only originals. At least not make Darth such a pu$$y.

  24. FerretOfDoom
    Paris Hilton


    What's next?


    Maybe a CGI version of "The Secret Of NIMH"? How about Paris Hilton as Mrs. Brisby?


  25. vincent himpe
    Paris Hilton

    weren't the writers on strike ?

    i seem to remeber a couple of weeks ago the hollywood writers went on strike...

    so all that is left is to remake ol stuff that was already written.

    and paris ? well since nobody writes anymore she doesnt know what to say i guess..

  26. Mike Flugennock
    Thumb Down

    "Clash of the Titans"...wasn't that a...

    ...cheesy, last-minute-rushed-out, competing knock-off of "Star Wars"?

    Oh. Never mind.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    My point (and his I think) is that good movies don't need remaking, whereas bad ones can only benefit from it.

  28. Damian Gabriel Moran

    why can't Hollywood ever make a decent comicbook movie?

    Tell 'em Steve-Dave!

  29. Les Matthew

    @Andy Hards

    To coin a much used phrase form another well known IT news Site.

    You must be new here. ;)

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Brilliant idea

    I would love to see a remake - but with Michael Bay or Peter Jackson at the helm.

    Oh - and they could do Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, and Jason and the Argonauts - also the Hulk movie and the Spiderman movies were just plain sad, so get them remade and make 'em better as well.

    No patronising, no cheese, no condescending, and no cutting out all the good stuff and leaving us with a crap movie like you always do, like you did with Hitchhikers and with The Golden Compass, alright? You listening you dumbass shortsighted inconsiderate studio bosses?

    When the writers strikes are over - then they can come up with new movies with new ideas. Maybe.

  31. Anonymous Coward

    Who Will Play The Part of Judi Bowker's Bottom ?

    Judi Bowker - the actress who played Andromeda - had the most perfect bottom. This will be a really challenging role to cast, I fear.

  32. DutchOven

    RE: Who Will Play The Part of Judi Bowker's Bottom ?

    Does it matter? The whole film will probably be one big arse.

  33. Rhys
    Paris Hilton


    Playboy TV is making movies these days. I'm just waiting for hustler Hardcore to join in too and re-make the Benny Hill giggle fests with even less clothes on the chicks :D

    Hopefully paris will still be young enough to star :D

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