back to article Nvidia rolls out 'tri-SLI'

Nvidia has launched its anticipated 'Tri-SLI' technology as "3-way SLI", allowing gamers to connect not one, not two but three graphics cards in co-operative rendering harmony. They have to be Nvidia GeForce cards, natch, but when connected deliver up to 2.8 times the performance of a single GPU. That, the company claimed, is …


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  1. nigel topham


    Seriously, why. get a girlfrield, discover sex, 3 graphics cards to play games, you're funny!!! LOL

  2. Paul Morehouse

    CrossFireX Makes a lot more sense

    I don't have the money to shell out thousands of dollars to buy into this scam and I dont think many do! I bought a 3870 for around $200. I can upgrade in the future to two, three, or four card when I have the money. I was an Nvidia fanboy, but I don't like to be soaked for money. Tri SLI isn't supported on the 8800GT or 8800GTS. Bad call Nvidia!

  3. George Flecknell
    Thumb Down


    Being sick of paying through the nose for "necessary" hardware upgrades I have sided with the PS3. I havn't looked back. This is complete tomfoolery. Game prettiness "so what!" realistic physics "gimme gimme!"

  4. Rob Stiles

    Looks like 3 times the trouble to me!


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