back to article Jackass 2.5 to premiere online

The world's first "studio-backed broadband film" - Jackass 2.5 - will later this month premiere online, bypassing a traditional cinema release. The third movie spin-off of the Jackass franchise will be offered, courtesy of Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment and MTV New Media in association with Blockbuster, completely …


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  1. Craig Peters


    'Nonetheless, Blockbuster will attempt to protect innocents from the new movie with an age-verification system designed to "discourage anyone under the age of 17 from seeing 2.5". '

    Like a credit card perhaps...

  2. Andrew
    Jobs Horns

    Is it going to work on Linux? & OSX?

    This was a massive problem with the iPlayer - and this film being a one off they're not going to have the longevity of complaints from Linux customers...

    Will it run on my Linux box (Gentoo/Ubuntu)?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    there was second?

    I'm getting old, saw the first one, didn't realise they made a second. Guess pretty much the same as the first...

  4. Mark Broadhurst

    The all new "straight to video" release ?

    the only reason a film will skip a big premier and cinema viewings (which make a lot of the movies money back) is if its crap ?

  5. Gareth
    Thumb Down

    No need for Linux/OSX compatibility...

    Surely there's no-one out there who's smart enough to install Linux/rich enough to buy an Apple will want to watch such moronic crap.

    3 millions years of evolution so we can stream a movie of a grown man setting fire to his own arse. For two hours. Three times.

    Idiocracy was a documentary...

  6. Big_Boomer Silver badge


    Who cares! If you can't download it then you will just have to wait until you can buy in on DVD won't ya. <LOL>

    This message was brought to you by The Wise Alien Team and by the letter F'nong.

  7. Anthony

    US only

    "You will be able to stream it directly from as long as you are at least 17 years old and a U.S. citizen."

    From (I think... repost)

  8. Dave
    Paris Hilton


    "completely free for two weeks from 19 December .....on 26 December, it'll be made available via pay-per-view platforms and on DVD"

    If its free for 2 weeks why would you pay to see it on the 26th?

    Also will we see Steve-o performing a horrifically risky feat such as having unprotected sex with a certain heir(head)-ess??

  9. Senor Beavis
    Paris Hilton

    What's the Paris Hilton angle?

    I'm hoping, "from underneath"

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Idiocracy was a (5 minute) documentary

    The rest of it featured the sort of humour and intelligence it was supposed to be parodying.

  11. Tom

    2.5 - crazy yanks

    Whats with the 2.5?

    is it only half as good as it should have been, so the execs in their high tiger leather chairs said "Well boys its not <i>that</i> funny so we are only going to give it half a sequel. Now i recommend you watch Die Hard 4.0 to see what we are really looking for to maybe get that 3"

    or is it 2.5 because it plays half the film and then says "to view up to 3.0 please upgrade to DVD, which can be purchased here from the 26th of December".

  12. Ian Ferguson
    Thumb Down


    So instead of competing in the cinema or DVD world, it's competing with online video - the whole of YouTube et al. Seems to me that's even worse than straight to video.

  13. Steve
    Paris Hilton


    "If its free for 2 weeks why would you pay to see it on the 26th?"

    I'm not sure you're quite grasping the details of the target demographic, here.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Is straight to Internet something new?

    I thought that these days, most movies were available on the Internet prior to release in the cinema (certainly the UK cinema).

  15. mark carlisle

    age verification..

    same as all the current game related US websites(unreal tournament 3 for example)

    1. nice big splash page comes up(good start but inconvenient-where' the good stuff?)

    2. some nice drop down boxes (luvverly)

    3. message: please use drop down boxes above to confirm your date of birth..(hard to bypass this one..)


  16. RK
    Dead Vulture


    "Straight-to-internet release bypasses quality."

    'nuff said.

  17. andreyvul


    Methinks it will be on piratebay about an hour or less after the movie is made publically available.

  18. Gower


    Hopefully more and more studios will start to release like this as it will reduce bad Cam and telesync torrents...

    and to those of you who feel that this is stupid and idotic etc. consider this comdey has always been slapstick at heart and this is merely going further then previous incarnations, your merely showing your age by being unable to find this funny, simply put your out of touch. thats not a problem old people are important too, here have 20p for the meter.

  19. Herby

    It seems that they priced it correctly

    Given the content, and modern commerce, it appears that this movie has priced itself correctly for the content it has. It is worth exactly ZERO. No more, can't be less.

    My guess is that the next movie of this series (2.6??) will be priced so that WE get paid to watch it (watch this movie and you will be entered in a drawing). I don't hold out much hope for ANYTHING "direct to internet" as being very decent quality.

  20. Gregory Orton

    what you all seem to be forgetting...

    I am no fan of the Jackass series. but some of you are acting with such incendiary anger and bitter words.

    I fully understand that most register articles are designed to invite mocking and berating of the every industry tied to geekism - but i thought some of you may be sensible about this.

    Cutting out all the corporate jive talking, I sincerely hope this is successful. I agree with the comment about "2 weeks after they'll start charging" which makes no sense at all. they are giving people two weeks to watch (and rip) the stream for free before they start charging it. useNet will have a copy with an hour.

    but this is not the point. if this is successful, it will be a precedent. something for the music industry to look at and say. "Wow, what a bunch of cretins we have been. If we'd just woken up to a different distribution model, rather than assuming ALL of our customers are blood-thirsty pirates of the high-interenets, then we might have actually earned their respect!"

    Even if the film in question is straight-to-video quality toss, so are 70% of the films released at the cinema gone to see by the proles. Come now, lets be more sensible when commenting next time? eh?

  21. Michael Law
    Thumb Up

    Download Movies

    Is there anywhere where you can LEGALY download HD movies?

    Mabe this is the first step in providing a way of download movies. They let it go free for a few weeks to find out how long it takes to break the system and then fix it? Or is it just a way to test to see if this distribution model works by using a carp movie that they know they wont make too much money on.

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