back to article w00t voted 'Word of the Year'

The truly repulsive "w00t" has been crowned Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year for 2007 - based on "thousands" of votes from visitors to the dictionary's website. According to the official announcement: This year's winning word first became popular in competitive online gaming forums as part of what is known as l33t ("leet …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    oh noes!!11111one!!

    The men of Webster's could save a lot of time by just copying out most of icanhascheezburger. One day there will be a backlash, and we'll all start saying prithee and wherefore again. Good day to you.

  2. Nev


    If someone uses the "verb" facebook in my presence, they will discover my definition: which involves them being hit about the face with a large hardback.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Merriam Webster Online

    I wouldn't take them seriously. They can't even come up with a decent website.

  4. Chris Haynes

    'Facebook' this!

    If someone 'facebooks' me, I shall put a book in their face.

  5. Tom



  6. Eddie Edwards

    Want One Of Those?

    I thought w00t meant "want one of those".

    I must be out of touch and am therefore moving towards the cloakroom.

  7. Adrian Jackson

    I'm sorry, it was my fault.

    I was going to vote for 'apathetic' (one of the other nominees) but couldn't be bothered. :(

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    The name Google has been verbified for a long time.

  9. Dan Collett

    S0 it r34lly is....

    All your base are belong to us! f0r 2oo7 th3n!

  10. Dan Grabski
    Thumb Down

    Not exactly new...

    Nice to see that they're up to speed on the latest trends. The usage of "w00t" has only been around for what, 8 years now?

  11. Kenny Millar

    You get what you expect with Americans

    Since they can't even spell words like 'Colour' and 'Neighbour' properly, why should we expect anything more from them here?

    Anyone who uses terms like 'leet', 'w00t' 'm8' or 'pwned' deserves to die horibly.

    Oh, wait I just did....

  12. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    Has to be said

    Which year? 1997? 1987?

  13. Phill Sacre


    "the exclamation is also known to be an acronym for "we owned the other team" - again stemming from the gaming community"

    It can't be an acronym, any self respecting gamer would spell it "we pwned the other team", or (more precisely) "w3 pwnz0r3d th3 0th3r t34m"

  14. Allan
    Dead Vulture

    For the win!

    I take 'facebooked' to mean the same thing as 'homerowed'.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    1 Mu57 54y 1 M mo57 D154PPo1n73D W17 7H12 73Rr18L3 d38453m3N7 of 73h Kw33n’2 3n9L15H.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    w00t FTW!!!

    WTF?? NSFW? NFW!

    /me 1s 4 1337 h4x0r - 3v3n G0t l1st3d 1n d1ck5hun4ry

    LMAO @ w3bst3rs - fsck1ng 1d10t5!


    Warez teh pr0n?

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not even sure it's an acronym

    I thought technically an acronym was an abreviation that happened to be an existing word. Since woot (w00t??) isn't an existing word, then surely this is just a pronouncable abbreviation?

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Have to say, this seems a little outdated. Who says woot anymore?

  19. James Pels

    Verbification, cntd...

    While it pains me to see made up words (w00t, etc.) being added to a dictionary (even ones that don't count, like American ones!), 'verbification' has been going on for a long time, and not just in IT.

    Take 'Hoover', 'Xerox' and 'Velcro', for example - these are all brand names (I am probably in breach of something-or-other for not including the odd TM or (R) in there) that have become popular as verbs.

    I just 'Googled' for similar things and there appear to be several sites dedicated to the concept. For starters, try this list...

  20. neil

    Wow Loot

    I thought it was shortened from 'Wow Loot'

  21. Shakje

    hai meight...

    hdf naabs 0r 1ll pwn u 4ll.

    []\/[] []_[] ^[]^ []=[] /\ []^ []_[] []< []< [] []\[] []D [] []\/[] []D [] []\[] ''

    rly haiskillet.

  22. Rob

    Ironic, today of all days....

    .... that this story has come up, it was only an hour ago I was arguing with someone about the poor reading and writing skills we equip our students with when they leave school.

    Let's use a more precise term to describe this than "verbification", it's more appropriate term is Bastardisation.

    Just goes to show that the poorly educated, now feel they have to create words as they don't seem to know enough of the original ones. I already ignore people that use L33t as it's not a language I'm familiar with, if they talked English or French then fine.

  23. J Thompson

    as a verb

    Is this w00t a new super verbified version of w00t? As in, "I think I'm in for a serious w00ting here"?

    As for Facebook as a verb, I will admit to using it, every now and then. It's not much different from using Google as a verb. Whilst that might not lend any strength at all to my argument (!), I'm able to use Facebook as a verb without sounding like I'm trying hard to use Facebook as a verb.

    A bit like being able to use the word cool, despite the fact that millions of parents, the world over, will never be able to do so.

  24. Manus McElhone

    In my experience...

    ..there is no noun that can't be verbed

  25. Eric Olson

    Wow... bunch of old farts here...

    I realize some comments above may have been made with sarcasm and/or ironic intent... but remember that doesn't translate well via text.

    But seriously. Does everyone who is freaking out about this realize how old they sound? You seem just a step away from sitting in the rocking chair on the porch, yelling at those whipper-snappers to get off your lawn. You realize that language evolves, and what we might consider "proper" English (American English in my case), would have been seen as base and disgusting in the Victorian era instead of the "proper" Latin or French origin words? And further back, we would have been hard pressed to understand a typical conversation? We should decry the structure, and the intelligibility that comes with it, that might be lost over time with casual usage, but not the addition of words into vocabulary. I mean, English couldn't even agree on a spelling system until, what... 150 years ago? Well... we still can't completely, but at least it's closer.

  26. Dan Collett

    @ Rob....

    Since when was french an acceptable/real language? :)

  27. Chris Cheale


    pwnt - no need for those pesky "...ed"s any more

  28. John
    Paris Hilton

    facebooked ?

    lolwtfbbq, someone call the roflcopter



    L / [] \

    O=== \ \

    L \_______________/


    seriously though, I have *never* seen Facebook used as a verb anywhere, even for leet speak it just simply breaks the laws of acceptable. Is someone at Merriam Webster trying hard to get there own word into general use?

    "I facebooked;" jesus wept, its not verbification, its bastardisation.

    While 'w00t' may have somewhere very very far back in its (no doubt) CS roots have meant "We owned the other team", it really hasn't been the general use of it for oooh, 3 or 4 years. Its just used as an exclamation of joy, such as finding epicz lootz in WoW, or downing some boss etc, its origins do precede WoW by some considerable measure ofc.

    Paris icon as I'm feeling saucy.

  29. k0rrupt10n


    Can it be an Adverb???

  30. Jeffrey Martinez

    Anyone else think...

    ...this was a viral email/text/SMS? Something like "Let's make w00t the number one word! We'll pwn those noobs!"

  31. BoldMan
    Thumb Up

    Its not w00t, its woot

    and it isn't an acronym its a exclamation of pleasure, a substitute for "woohoo"

    I've been using it in conversations in online games since EQ in 2000.

    If its been hijacked by 1337 speak then that happened later, bit its first origins that I came across was dinging in Crushbone ("Dvinn Train to zone!!!")

    "WOOT, DING!"

  32. Adrian Jackson

    Re: In my experience

    True, but as Calvin points out, verbing weirds language.

    As for those complaining about the age of the word, this is a 'word of the year' award, not a 'new word of the year' award. Other nominees included 'quixotic', 'apathetic', 'hypocrite', 'charlatan', 'sardoodledom' and 'Pecksniffian' - all of which are considerably older than 'w00t'.

  33. Mike Flugennock

    Hey, what's wrong with "blamestorming"?

    I wouldn't be surprised if this term was originally coined by some pissed-off office grunt who worked for some shithead boss who couldn't wait to slough off the responsibility for his piss-poor performance on to someone else...which, I guess, would take in about 99% of corporate/office environments on both sides of The Pond™.

    For nearly twenty years -- before I went independent -- I worked in graphic design shops in ad agencies and in in-house corporate shops where, as in most departments, there'd always be those meetings after proposals and projects went out the door..."post-mortem" was always the official slang, although if I recall the actual meetings -- especially if things went badly -- it was a solid hour's slagfest, like Christians and Lions, except that one or two people at a time had to take a turn at being the Christians.

    Just because this corporate-image boutique outfit is claiming ownership of the term "blamestorming", that doesn't necessarily mean they _originated_ it; they more than likely overheard some grunt in the office using it. It just doesn't sound "contrived" enough, if you know what I mean...conceptually and phonetically, it comes out really naturally...not like, say, "team-building exercise".

  34. Not Swampy

    @Eric Olson

    The clue is in the name, English! You do whatever you want to American but leave our language alone.

    When living in the US of A I heard the following on ESPN - "...he's the most goal kickingest player...". Prosecution rests m'lord.

  35. k0rrupt10n
    Paris Hilton

    Dive, Dive

    I was actually under the impression that it was what a submarine said when it had to dive...?

  36. James Pels


    ... does "pwn" mean?

    (I have my coat on and am heading to the taxi rank as I type...)

  37. conan

    Stop it

    Why is everyone here so against the development of new aspects of language? it is annoying to have somebody talking in l33t-speak on forums all the time, but the odd word making it into the dictionary is all part of the evolution of language, surely? I like new words - they give me more to say, and I do love saying stuff...

  38. Spleen

    im in ur dictionary, making up ur utter shite

    I like how they even included a stupid backronym definition just to make sure that nobody took them seriously. I suppose they think "chav" comes from "Council Housed And Violent" rather than Romany as well.

    "Woot" is just "Woo" with a consonant on the end to round it off. Nothing more, nothing less. It's no different from yeah/yep or no/nope.

  39. Tim Lane

    @ Shakje

    How dare you? My mother is a saint!

  40. An ominous cow herd


    All I can think of when I see it is "w00t the f00k?"

  41. Bill Fresher


    But trusteth wel, I am a Southren man,

    I kan nat geeste "rum, ram, ruf" by lettre,

    Ne, God woot, rym holde I but litel bettre;

    And therefore, if yow list, I wol nat glose,

    I wol yow telle a myrie tale in prose.

    --Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

  42. Mr Larrington
    Paris Hilton

    This is about as relevant... the Grauniad bigging up "meh" as "The Word That's Sweeping the Internet". Yes, mate.

    FWIW I first encountered "w00t" in 2003 and I'm sure it was a museum piece even then.

  43. Hollerith

    Blamestorming -- kewl

    I rather like 'blamestorming'. So descriptive. in fact, I love all business-speak. It's a mixture of trying to make something sound cool and important when it's not (e.g. teleconferencing for a group phone call) and efforts to carefully avoid offending (from 'lessons' to 'lessons learned' to 'learnings' and now, since' learnings' suggests a deficiency, 'takeaways'). Words such as 'skill-set' make my day. You can see a middle manager or consultant suddenly thinking of 'let's take this off-line' and being totally, totally thrilled. Bless them, every one. Heck, I remember when 'liaising' was heard with a swift intake of breath; there was no verb variation of 'liaison', but suddenly 'liaison' was a word business people spoke, so a verb was required. (Liaison replaced, I believe, 'meeting with' .)

  44. Guy

    Its Good to See

    Personally I think this is great, all our younguns are getting back in to doing algbra again, w00t seems to be a splendid equation. I would like to question the advisability of putting in a dictionary though, surely the maths text book would be a proper place


    the Apathetic Charlatan

  45. Anonymous Coward

    canhas l33tsp33k

    omg wtf roflmao bbq hax!111!!1!11!111 u r teh pwnt11!

    seling gold n lewt wow us dollrz only plz

    how i mine 4 fish?


  46. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In my experience...

    ...there is no noun which can't be verbed.

  47. John F***ing Stepp

    Well it is an English term. . .

    It actually comes from those dreadful British mystery novels from about 100 years back, I even knew someone in the 1970s that used the term woot in conversation.

    Applying the term woot to gaming and going all 3l1t3 spelling as w00t is not even a paradigm shift from the original meaning; which was a kind of (great + hurray + I am a tree frog)

    (Okay, I am kidding about the tree frog, kinda.)

    It is sort of like how you all (English) lost track of the word octocet and had it hijacked as octothorp by some uncaring corporation with massive #age.

    You should keep better track of your language.

  48. DJ
    Black Helicopters

    It's official...

    Please stop using the word "official".

    It's officially used up.


  49. me

    Okkie boyz n girlz

    wtf! why doeznt any one use caps anymore why doeznt any one use punctiation no more??? can noone spell noone correctedly now???? shite! yeserday i coodnt even spill inganeer and 2day i are 1!

  50. Jason Togneri
    Thumb Down

    @ Eddie Edwards

    No, you've evidently just been shopping with I Want One Of Those (or, far too often.

    But seriously. "Facebooked"? That's right up there with "blogosphere".

  51. Jacob Reid

    OK, wtf?

    since when was w00t an acronym?

  52. laird cummings

    @Kenny Millar

    < "You get what you expect with Americans " >

    Likewise, with those old country sticks-in-the-mud, putting a random and completely superfluous "u" into pretty much any old word where it'll fit.

    Two nations, divided by a common launguage...

  53. Michael

    @ Language Snobs


    "I already ignore people that use L33t as it's not a language I'm familiar with, if they talked English or French then fine."

    Clearly, you mean to say "if they SPOKE English or French, then fine."

    It's funny when people railing about proper English botch it up as well.

  54. Anonymous Coward


    ... is an "esoteric computer hacker language"?

    WTF LOL? More like a low-down lamer gamer language that is fracking annoying.

    Apparently we have entered the end times where being able to type stoopid in gamerZ chatZ in order to look kewl (i.e. not living in the parent's bedroom) is the sure indicator that one has some technical skillz.

    That should shorten thos job interviews nicely.

    "Do you speak l33t?"

    "YO, D00D"

    "Great. When can you start?"

    KILL!! KILL!!!!

  55. Captain DaFt

    Signal Cancelling Technology

    "Woot" has been around at least since the'70's. At least that's when I first encountered it.

    "Ut", "Woot". and "Zut" were the three most used exclamations by the Super Hero the Flaming Carrot, "The strangest man alive", written and illustrated by Bob Burden.

    (Both the artist and his creation were my childhood heros, which probably explains a lot)

  56. David Jensen


    from Chaucer's Summoner's Tale

    This frere bosteth that he knoweth helle,

    And God it woot, that it is litel wonder;

    It appears as though the very man who legitimized artistic vernacular of the English language beat us to w00t seven centuries ago. What a pity.

  57. Anonymous Coward

    All this type of

    thing was designed to defeat word matching ala carnivore (FBI) or to allow gloating in on line games which the moderators wouldn't tolerate stuff like yeah beat the shit out of you, we own you etc, w00t and pwnd came from that so since none of you ever heard of a mud or were worried about having your doings indexed by the FBI you know absolutely nothing doesn't surprise me a bit.

  58. Anonymous Coward

    @Kenny Millar @laird cummings

    Whoa, take 'er easy there, Pilgrim.

    At least they keep the boot in the right place: in the rear.

  59. Colin Jackson


    I wooted.

  60. Headstar



    'w00t' = We've got r00T. Old *.nix hacking term from the 70's....

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