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With its recent 6500 Slide and Classic models, Nokia has introduced the most unlikely twins since Schwarzenegger and DeVito. Although they share the same model number and 3G capability, the 6500 Slide and 6500 Classic are very different devices both in looks and key features. The Slide, with its brushed metal casing, much in …


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  1. Scott Bentley

    Good but...

    Got mine yesterday as an upgrade, sending it back today, call quality is dreadful, has a tinny ring to it, and a buzzing (no i don't have tinitus) apparently its a common issue.

    Shame because its a good phone, nice camera, metal casing and all round quality.

    Perhaps they should have thought about the two uses on a phone, in the olde days, that of talking to people and texting them, before faffing about with cameras and music!

  2. John Arthur

    Yes, but

    can you make a phone call with it? Seriously how good is the phone part of this multi-media entertainment system? Unless that bit is up to scratch I am not interested in any of the other bits.

    Skull and crossbones 'cos I'm getting a bit bored with all those Paris Hilton icons.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    not even indirectly relevant but...

    ...I'm hanging on to my ancient Siemens handset, even though it seems to be degenrating, because of two very useful features (on top of being able to use it as a phone :) )

    It has a "screensaver" that fills the real estate* with an analogue clock

    The analogue clock is kept accurate NTP style by the netork

    Does anyone know if the 6500 slider specifically or any other modern phone offers this facility?


    *not a poxy 2mm sq thingy in the corner

  4. Bad Beaver

    At least...

    At least it looks decent. Nokia has a lot of making up to do, and it is good to see they're at it.

    By the way:

    Where is the Nokia E51 review?

  5. Jasper

    not so much better than the 6233

    I've had a 6500 for a couple of months, and as an upgrade to the 6233, it's not fabulous.

    Yes, you get a camera (with pretty bad colour balance) with flash, and quite a bit more memory, but that's really about it.

    The music player software is a slight improvement, and the video player software now has fast forward and rewind, and text free playback, but it ain't close to perfect. Why can't the video player respect folders. If I dump a film into a folder, one would imagine that it would be easy to play all the files in that folder. Nope. Instead _all_ your video files are dumped into one big pool. Why would anyone imagine that anyone would watch a video in anything other than full screen mode?

    Also, I have terrible trouble with buttons not doing what they should. I can hear a beep when I press the button, but it does nothing until I open and close the phone.

    Still, at least it's not an N95 with it's plethora of redundant buttons and 'speedy' menus.

    And don't get me started on Sony Ericsson.

  6. Mark Daniels

    Nokia 6100

    In the last few years I have had three Nokia in parrallel with a host of other 'phones. A 1611, the first phone with a 1oohr standby, a 2110, possible the best phone ever made [despite the 'wood' finish] and the one I am using now, a 6100.

    Crappy camera [it IS a phone], crappy video [it IS a phone], but excellent multi tasking, excellent radio, will handle multiple pull email accounts, clock, world clock, good browser......

    A great comms tool.

    Now, where do I get a 3g 6100 ?

    Then I'm happy.


  7. Insane Reindeer
    Thumb Up

    RE: "not even indirectly relevant but..."

    The above link is for a free, full screen, clock screen saver that does indeed "fill" the whole screen, you can have a smaller clock in the top left corner showing a different time zone if you want. It shows any text messages received and any missed calls. As for what phones it works on, well if you don't want to click the link and find out here are the ones they list:

    Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E70, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93, Nokia N95.

    So in theory any S60 3rd edition should work as well. No idea about UIQ 3 compatibility. Works fine on my N91.

    Your other point. My N91 gives me a choice of "Network Operator Time" on or off. I keep it off, but that's just me.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Trix


    Sony Ericssons have a clock as part of the "sleep" display - no need to install anything. It's digital, though.

  9. Tigre Marino
    Gates Horns

    VS. Nokia 6131

    Looks like a good replacement for my rapidly aging 6131. But price difference for Mexico is very steep: MEX $ 6,000. For that I can buy a 2-Gig N91!

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