back to article City to Intel: Kick the rest of the tech industry into line

The UK's citadel of freemarket capitalism delivered a simple message to Intel yesterday – you've got a monopoly, so use it to make it easier for us to make money. A panel of City IT bosses at an Intel mixer in the City last night took time off from bemoaning the credit crunch to tell the vendor that it was pretty pointless …


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  1. Valdis Filks

    Sun already ahead with T5000

    Sun T5000 servers already have ethernet and encryption on the CPU. Previous generation of UltraSPARC T1 already had multicore way ahead of competitors. Intel is following AMD & Sun on this. Also, power usage of Sun servers way below Intel, Intel is in catch up mode, thus they cannot kick the rest of the industy into line.

    Sun kicked the industry into multicore and low power. Every heard of a SunRay thin client, thinner than any other thin client.

  2. Peter

    I'm dealing in brain futures here

    If these guys had brains instead of MBEs (and didn't get stupid bonuses paid on the basis solely of sales, not risks) then the "Credit Crunch" would never have happened.

    Similarly despite the crap IT equipment they are forced to use, surely they might have figured that buying and selling the debts of poor people was a bit unlikely to be a long-term moneyspinner. Sounds like reverse pass the parcel where the winners are the ones who got rid earliest!

    Ultimately though it derives from "derivatives" "products" so arcane that St Thomas Aquinas would have been hard-pressed to arive at a definition of most of them. As Yoda might say "Stupid they are", but lose all the theologically validated "products" and most of the MBEs in the city would have nothing to buy and sell, and might have to go out and get a proper job.....

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Now wait just a second here...

    Yoda would say, "Foolish they are, for fear and sorrow, they have.."

    Yoda would not say stupid, thats just stoopid!



  4. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    You want to try working for one of this bunch....

    ...techno swing with every change of upper management bean counter.

    Unless that is IBM come along and say "this is good and you can have it cheap". Then we buy in regardless of how good/bad it is, push it everywhere and end up lumbered with it for years.

  5. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Foolish Hearts and Empty Minds ..... AIRecipe for Disasters

    "Sounds like reverse pass the parcel where the winners are the ones who got rid earliest!" ..... The recipients of the parcels are hardly likely to forget who passed it to them though, Peter.

    The deepening feeling is that the System at the Very Very Top is corrupt to ITs Core and that is what needs to be changed for IT to be Better, because until it is changed, it will still be corrupt to ITs Core with the Foolish [and I admire your descriptive restraint, AC] dreaming up ever more suckers to think that they know what is best for them, sucking up to them to coax them into their Systems.

    The Capitalist System and its Money for Nothing but 42 Create Debt Culture is Collapsing and the Board Rooms are clearing out the minions rather than punishing the Loss Leaders in the new Scapegoating Game of Blamestorming ...... a Real H00t, which rewards Catastrophic Failures with Golden Parachutes and Secret Handshakes........ for be honest with yourself, you don't actually thing that they have lost anything, it has just been salted away. Nobody in their right mind loses ten/hundreds of billions .... they just move it elsewhere and/or offshore for it is still in their System. Which makes IT a Global Scam/ Criminal Conspiracy with Titanic Fools at the Helm for being caught, in Flagrante Delicto.

    Now we have the Divorce and its Settlements to Consider and Arrange. New NeuReal Territory in which to Add Adventures or Destroy Reputations.

    Delicate, Sensitive Matters or merely just in Need of a Path to Proceed?

    CyberIntelAIgents to City: Get urAct together or get your coat on the way out.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    "One speaker said the current models which underpinned the derivatives would allow for a financial crisis like our current mess every thousand years. Instead, they seemed to be coming every five to six."

    I do think that what those superbrains actually need is a shot of 0.5 Aspirin. How retarded can you get to spout things like that? But it's not their money after all.

  7. Brian Miller

    CPU faster than disk and network? Really??

    WOW! These guys *just* realized that the CPU is the fastest piece in the kit? Geniuses, all of them! Their slobber could clean bugs off the glass as they wash my windshield while I'm stopped at the light. What do you think *mainframes* are for, anyways?

  8. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Pink Slips all round.

    "What do you think *mainframes* are for, anyways?"

    Maintaining Dinosaurs and Dodos, Brian. ...... Legacy Systems/Old Money Pirates

  9. john mullee

    What do you think *mainframes* are for, anyways?

    .. uh .. massive data throughput? running 1000 Xen instances? 5-nines reliabiity? Basically your modern 'PC' etc is designed to crunch numbers on the CPU, with data I/O slapped on as an afterthought. Mainframe-class systems are designed for IO, with number-cruncy accelerators available as drop-in hardware modules, if needed ..

  10. John Vaudin

    Other People's Money

    This cyclical instability in the markets is inevitable while the people driving the market are not personally exposed to the risks. These guys get paid huge bonuses by taking the credit for making profits on the back of general rises in the market. The more they buy, the more the market goes up, the more profits they make and more their bonuses are. Underlying value is utterly irrelevant - so we get a bubble.

    But - when the bubble bursts it's not these guys that take the losses - it's not their money - it's typically ours, through our pensions etc. OK - they might not get a big bonus, but that's hardly much of a downside, their basics aren't usually too bad anyway. And anyway the market's bound to turn around soon enough and the whole merry-go-round starts again.

  11. Britt Johnston

    @common sense in short supply

    I see the experts disagree on whether it is possible to educate for common sense. Typing "common sense degree" into a well-known search engine, the first hits were:

    "common sense in an uncommon degree"...

    ..."No degree of common sense"

  12. Dazzer

    Banks are way behind on technology.

    "HSBC head of corporate banking technology Ray O’Brien said Intel should use its position to bring "companies outside of Intel" to heel, and sort out issues beyond the CPU."

    This won't get read now but here goes -

    As I am forced to download a file from Ray O'Brien's bank on a daily basis via dial-up because they're unable to provide my company with a faster method I wonder how fast he needs his computer components to be. A Windows 98 box could handle that.


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