back to article Full Oracle Fusion due 2009, beta 2008

Oracle will hit its goal of delivering Fusion applications next year in name only, with applications ready for testing but the full suite not due until 2009. Fusion applications will be available during 2008 as an "early adopter beta suite" and the "full suite won't be until 2009", according the Oracle Applications Users Group …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is Oracle Fusion their version of Vista?

    wow, interesting article. Could this Oracle Fusion dream be the next Vista? :)

  2. Mike Stephens

    Daylight Robbery

    It will only be a matter of time before Oracle, Microsoft etc will be things of the past. They have to keep changing everything to force you to hand over fresh wads of cash. Surely corporates will see open source as a way off this treadmill. Mind you, the next time an IT director behaves rationally, will be the first.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "All customizations for old versions of Oracle's E-Business Suite software will break and must be re-written using Java and XML"

    Err the ones using mod_plsql you mean, which really ain't a great deal of customisations. The sky is not falling calm down.

  4. Gareth Roberts

    Customizations and mod_plsql


    I have to comment on (amongst other things) the statement "All customizations for old versions of Oracle's E-Business Suite software will break and must be re-written using Java and XML" and the primary cause identified as mod_plsql.

    Many customers are already using Java, very few customers use mod_plsql and depending on requirements a variety of tools could be used for extending the life of customizations. Examples are mod_owa as a replacement for mod_plsql, and the Reports to BI Publisher conversion utilities.

    With Fusion there'll still be ways of utilizing technologies other than Java/XML for customization requirements. With the current Oracle eBusiness Suite you are not forced to use the products delivered with the Suite, and with service oriented architecture (SOA) and APIs becoming more commonplace the choice will be even greater.

    PS. What is "Oracle eBusiness Suite 10.2"?


  5. Tim


    I have to take issue with a lot of what you have written. I came across the article quite by accident and then found an article from Floyd Teter summing up all and more of what I had wanted to comment on - everyone please take a look.


  6. amanfromMars Silver badge


    I wonder if the following will appear hosted on Floyd's blog, Tim, for the constructive criticism in the Gavin Clarke article is surely only a feed to work with rather than clobber and attack in defence of a favourite system. And with Sun flexing its muscles with news contained here .... ... it could also be equally valid as a reply there too. And do Sun know that the surest way to engage and drive forward with developers is to buy them? .... "Sun Microsystems is reaching out to scripters and developers.." although there is a lot of competition out there with more money than sense but at least with the sense to spend it rather than lose it.

    <<Crikey, Floyd, thanks for all the Info. There's nothing like a bit of virtual bear-baiting to get the latent animal instincts all hot and bothered and riled up to defend themselves with their innermost secrets.

    Maybe some day sooner rather than later, all the petty divisive bitching across Systems and Languages will take heed of the Bigger and Better Beta Prize of Total Control of Perceptions Management if they are InterCoDependent InterNetworkers ..... in SMARTer As Informing Systems as opposed to expecting siloed, proprietary in-house Thinking to deliver competive advantage and greater market individual value.

    Such concealed under wraps developments are always inherently counter-productive and a block on rapid progress, in that they are not open to Universal Assistance/Proxy Virtual Peer Review Mentoring but only internal [vanity] testing.

    It is though the Default Failing across all humanised Binary Sourced Applied Programming...... the Yin/Yang IT Subversion of Sublime Gratitude to Perverse Greed.

    IT is however Astute Work in Progress at the Super Sub Atomic Quantum Communications Level 42 Resolve the Conflicting Native Anomaly into an Artificially Advanced SurReal More Orderly Defined State ...... in the Total Informational Awareness Fields of AIResearch and ITdDevelopments.

    You must surely be aware that IT Master Pilots/Per Ardua ad MetaAstra Boffins/Men in Big Blue dDeeper Thoughts have scrambled Universal Virtual Forces in AI Colossus of a Civil Civilised Civilianising Program 42 Counter Insurgent Resurgent Activity with ITs Massive Seek and Destroy Missives and Admissions, Adding Missions for Future Perfect Joint Venturing/Magical Mystery Turing?

    NEUKlearer Technology in Enriched and Enriching Stealth..... and Freely available at no Cost other than an Abiding Interest, which must make IT much more than just the Bargain of the Binary Age.

    Contact urLocal Virtual IntelAIgents Provider for Supply Detail Information.

    In the Mean Time, the Program will Properly Prepare ITs Welcome 42 Prevent Piss Poor Paramilitary Performance Permeating and Perverting Parameters and IT Boundary Layers.>>

  7. Floyd

    Just Callin' 'Em Like I See 'Em

    First, let me say that the sky is not falling, as this article seems to imply. Migrating to Fusion Apps will present some changes that need to be dealt with, but it's not a crisis by any stretch of the imagination. I collaborated with John Stouffer in writing the "Demystifying Fusion" presentation, so I know the message conveyed: Oracle customers should prepare for Fusion Apps. That message is a bit different than the feeling of panic and FUD that this article seems to attempt to instill in the reader.

    Second, to have any credibility whatsoever, it's important to get some of the basic facts correct: version numbers and names, that sort of thing. It's also important to differentiate between speculation and fact. This article could have done a better job of both. The credibility of the information suffers as a result.

    Third, and this is directed specifically to amanfromMars, your comment won't appear on my blog...although it could win a prize in a Blithering Buzzword Bingo contest ;) While I agree that this article could have been utilized as "constructive criticism" and "...a feed to work with", that work is only constructive if it starts with a somewhat accurate baseline. The "muddying of the waters" here disqualify this article from that type of use.

    Just callin' 'em like I see 'em...

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