back to article Microsoft fires broadside of writs at China pirates

Microsoft has fired off more than 50 lawsuits in its ongoing fight against counterfeit software. The firm said yesterday that it had targeted global online auction sites in its latest punch-up with pirates who flog dodgy copies of Microsoft apps. It filed 52 lawsuits and referred 22 cases to local cop shops in 22 countries …


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  1. John Savard

    They Never Get the Right Ones

    If they're putting away software pirates in China who have connections in the government, I would be all for it.

    But if they're finding outlaws who are in rebellion against the government, raising money to smuggle people out of the country, or buy guns to overthrow China's non-democratic government, then it is bad.

    I suppose, though, that even the pirates who manage to get caught, not having connections high enough, are only criminals out to make money, so I shouldn't be worried.

  2. Ian Davidson

    Yes but...

    I watched a raid a few years ago in southern China - the police looked happy and (maintained face) by carting off boxes of old software, while the dodgy vendors were happy to get the shelf space freed up for the new stuff.

    At one point the 'new' van was unloading at the back of the building while the police vans were being - very publicaly - loaded at the front.

    It may take more than a couple of writs ....

  3. Chris Coles

    The Chinese are a very cultured people

    "or buy guns to overthrow China's non-democratic government, then it is bad"

    I am going to stick my neck out here and say that I do not believe it makes any sense, anywhere on the planet, to try and overthrow a government by force.

    Secondly and in my humble opinion, much more importantly, we should all recognise that it is strong debate, in words and by writing, on blog sites such as this, that do more for the future of freedom world wide than any threat of violence.

    Finally, I believe that the Chinese people will, in time, peacefully, return to their classical roots of a vibrant culture based upon Confusion principles. That in turn will lead to freedom for their people, debate and peaceful co-existence with the rest of the planet.

    Underneath the short term heel of corrupt communism, (a blink of the eye compared to their long history), they are a very cultured people and when they return to their classic origins, they will prove worthy companions for the rest of us here on this small planet.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    I guess that explains what happens when reading the Engrish manuals.

    Coat's on...

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