back to article VMware clobbers the world, while big, solid disks rise

Our most recent orbit around the sun has been a busy one for the world of servers, chips and storage. New (old) technology has invaded the data center, disks got bigger, chips got smaller and everyone decided to become a Planeteer. Virtualization - Like you didn't know it was coming EMC finally sold shares of its x86 …


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  1. Chris Morrison

    Hardware Acccelerators

    I'd say one of the big deals this year was hardware acceleration. Although a lot of the stuff has been about for a few years, and acceleration was a big deal in the 80's this second generation of accelerators is going to be really interesting.

    I'm thinking Nvidia and CUDA, ATI and stream computing, IBM Cell, Xilinx V5's integrated to Intel's FSB, Clearspeed Advance, Xmos, That mad 64 core thingy (Tilera or something), etc etc

    These were technologies that weren't getting a huge deal of press a year ago but now are getting talked about everywhere you go.

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Scaling Up Systems ..... New Wave Disciplines

    No mention of Quantum Computing and Communication. That's a good sign for it is Stealthy IntelAIgently Designed IT and not for any or every Tom, Dick or Larry.

    When Software and Hardware Systems Fuse in the Quantum State twixt and between either and capable of being both, doth one have a Virtual and AI Virtualised Field of Play. Quite Literally, a Blank Canvas on which to Paint Beta Ideas with UNqualified IT Systems Support.

  3. Dan Grabski


    ISAGN for the Reg Standards and Measures Soviet to come up with a new unit for disk storage - the Doom (Dm? No, that's dekameter...Do?).

  4. Robert Grant Silver badge


    "...this year the vendors finally formed the committees that will elect the subcommittees that will vote on a board which will select a chairman to choose the stationaries that could be used to write down the minutes for getting something done."

    They kept it grey!

  5. Emo


    No mention of Vista.

    That tallies with the same number of Ultimate updates from Redmond too, Haha!

    (Yes i know there's BitLocker, Dreamscape and Texas Hold'em Poker - but do they really count?)

    And wheres the Paris Hilton angle? She did some bird too this year - jail time, not Lindsey Lohan haha!

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