back to article Ministry of Defence leaks counter terrorism traffic

For the past 20 months, the Ministry of Defence has been generous enough to provide detailed information about visits to its Counter Terrorism Science & Technology site. We're not sure, exactly, what to make of the logs showing some of the site's most popular pages and most prolific visitors. On the one hand, such details aren …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

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  2. Alan Donaly
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    Pretty easy to stop I don't know if people care or not there are hundreds of these things indexed on Google still it indicates a certain sloppiness.

  3. Aaron Harris
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    Clearly they are being proactive in their Freedom of information responsibilities!!!

    "Please note that the MOD Counter Terrorism Science and Technology Centre is part of the Ministry of Defence and is a public authority to which the Freedom of Information Act 2000 applies."

    No sh!t

  4. Aaron Harris
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    Has the el-reg noticed what areas the CT unit is looking to boost investment in!

    "In FY 07/08, the CT Centre is focussing its attention on exploiting 3 key themes, namely “Social Network Analysis”, “Understanding Terrorist as Groups Or Individuals” and “Information Exploitation”

    I wonder if this is part of the project.....

  5. Jeff

    The most dangerous thing

    is when webalizer is left on the default setup and shows secure and 'hidden' login portals etc. for admins and content editors.

    Although obscurity never = security, it certainly increases the workload of a potential hacker, and immediately turns off any opportunists looking for an easy site to break.

  6. Sillyfellow

    well spotted

    haha, well spotted there Aaron.

    social networking analysis is top priority to all 'authorities'. of course it is, because it is really dangerous to them. if people get together in large numbers they can do a lot, so this has to be closely monitored, controlled and censored.

    eg. our comments have to be 'reviewed', censored and even reported to 'authorities' in some cases.

    doesn't it ElReg?

    ever heard of chemtrails? maybe.

    ever publish a word about chemtrails? of course not. nobody will.

    enough said!

  7. Andy
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    Agree with Jeff

    You only have to look at the listed Nasa server to find certain links which really aren't meant for the public to know about.

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