back to article AMD anoints Accelerated Computing chief

AMD has hired former MIPS CTO Mike Uhler to spearhead efforts around co-processors. The chip maker today announced the Uhler grab, heralding the fella as AMD's first ever VP of Accelerated Computing. Uhler will be charged with overseeing products such as graphics chips and other types of co-processors that can function as …


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  1. Gary McCabe
    Thumb Up

    Uhler, Uhler, Uhler

    Nice touch.

    The question isn't "what is he going to do," the question is "what isn't he going to do?"



  2. Scott

    Annointed Chief Makes Claim

    AMD's newly "annointed" Accelerated Computing Chiefs first announcement herald's AMD's GPU/CPU operating at the unheard of speed 1239.532 googalplex. In a related story it's reported all the GPU/CPU processing speed is required in order to count it's clock cycles.

  3. De Zeurkous

    MIPS and AMD?!

    Two parties with delusions of grandeur brought together -- what's next, SGI switching from Itanium to Opteron? 8)7

    *contiues to pet his SPARCs*

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