back to article Microsoft wriggles on Volta concerns

As the mad scientists in Microsoft's Live Labs threw the switch on an experimental developer toolset this week the company was already getting flack for copying somebody else - Google. The technology preview of Volta, now available for tire kicking here, is designed to let developers build multitier web applications by …


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  1. Damien Jorgensen
    Gates Halo

    sounds good

    sounds like something worth downloading!

  2. joe
    Dead Vulture

    A new Freeway is open

    MS will rue the day with this one just like ActiveX, mark my words. I bet it sounds even better once you drink all the cool aid much to the chagrin of the virus/worm/malware creators.

    "Ohh God! Did you eat all that acid?" "That's right.. Music!"

    Instead of hearing Jefferson Starship you get a swan song but its stuck in your head like something bad from JT.

    The road to ruin starts in Redmond.. How's your AV?

  3. amanfromMars Silver badge

    As Blind as a Bat sees you Playing the Great Game as only ITs Vampire ....

    "The GWT toolkit allows you to write your code in Java and run it in JavaScript," Meijer told The Register. "That's a one-to-one model. But Volta gives you a many-to-many solution. You can write the code in many languages and target many different execution engines."

    But Java surely is already multi-lingual and always has been. And it has regional accents too making it easy to slip in under the radar and embed itself in Systems for seamless and painless Command and Control of Networks using Computers delivering the Sunny Dream, the Network is the Computer and a Virtualised Grid Computer.... and AI Quantum Turing Machine.

    Methinks Redmond have not even begun to evaluate that Programming yet, with them blinkered in firefighting all of their Conflicting Code and Vanity Issues. Servering to Yourself with Technology leaves you XXXXPosed to Third Party Advances which Server to Everybody, does it not?

    In a huge world made small by instant information and communications transfers, is the American dream no longer a selfish and exclusive preserve, nor was it ever so for just like the technology of today which is relatively new, so is that dream only new to them, whilst for other older and wiser states has the ancient art and mystery been practised and guarded against juvenile abuse for centuries spanning into millenia.

    And the Novel Answer to their Dilemma? ... AI Beta Lead Programming, of course, with that Operating System which they have pioneered and pushed since their Inception/Conception, Obscene Cash Purchase of Competition for ITs Window on Genuine Advantage.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But if it's like GWT

    Then it's only a very slight speedup in implementation and requires it's own chunk of flesh to use. It's like all these frameworks it's easier to go ahead and do it from scratch rather than code around the bald spots at least thats my experience, that and you end up with something you can maintain and refactor quickly.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Icon Deja Vu..

    That purple flaming circular icon reminds me of something...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Volta logo looks very like the Mozilla ones

    It doesn't just like they are copying google, has anyone else noticed how similar the new Volta logo is to the Firefox and Thunderbird ones.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    The other way

    Of course, if you wanted to do things properly and have a linux server, you could run all the code on the server and have the client a display only app... probably run faster than the MS way, despite having more to do!

    Oh, and I agree with the previous AC - it's easier to go from scratch than find a load of undocumented bugs that you have to work around... makes it a lot easier to troubleshoot as well if you know all the code inside-out, upside-down and green-on-black matrix form too!

  8. F Seiler

    have to agree with joe

    This sounds reeealy scary.

    Ok it's a limited class set that can be sent to the client - but where are the limits and how strong exactly is the barrier from the remote controlled code to the depths of your system? I would totally not be surprised if that barrier between this and local code can be broken, the gift can do harms to your system not even compiled code could do (are you *sure* *all* of .NET *always* respects user rights on the system?).

    I now this sounds FUDdy, but i totally don't trust .NET and if it now runs remote code (how automatically?) that doesn't exactly help against my bad feeling about it.

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