back to article Verizon sued for GPL naughtiness

The Software Freedom Law Center is suing Verizon for breaching the terms of the GNU General Public License. Verizon uses a network utility called busybox in a router it has distributed to its broadband customers since 1999. The program is used to administer the router, which is made by ActionTec. However, Busybox is GPL …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Things it's not

    First off, busybox isn't licensed under GPLv3.*

    Nor would I call it a 'network utility' even if some of the things it has in it are network utillities.

    Apart from that, yeah, if Verizon added anything to it, then they'll need to pony up the source for what they added. Seems unlikely that using it 'infects' their whole box though, but the lawyers will decide that.

    * I didn't check whether any of the things in busybox are GPLv3, but that too seems unlikely as doing so would have infected busybox.

  2. Brian Miller

    Open source income: lawsuits!

    And how is development of open-source software supported? Lawsuits, of course! Silly of me not to see it earlier. Sue the arrogant bastards into compliance and spread the money around. See, McBride? Open-source isn't communism, it is booby-trap capitalism!

  3. andy rock


    won't somebody just take it court and lose?!

  4. Nick Stallman


    With any luck they wont accept a out of court settlement.

    Big company with no intention to co-operate = lots of cash for people who can continue to do good things.

    It will help in a number of ways such as setting legal precedent and giving various people more resources.

  5. Terry

    Plenty of money

    Well after extorting (what was it $80m) from Vonage for being standards compliant they should have plenty of money to settle.

    For the concerned reader: Paris Hilton angle is BUSYBOX... ah... well never mind.

    Did anyone see my coat???

This topic is closed for new posts.

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