back to article Lebanese lottery scam suspect cuffed in Cyprus

In a positively McNabbian tale of intrigue, an alleged Lebanese lottery scammer has been arrested in Cyprus. Ali Mohamed Kdoud allegedly raked in more than $10m after duping gullible marks into believing they'd won a lottery. The email scam relies on tricking surfers into forking out up-front "processing fees" for non-existent …


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  1. Alan

    Silly fellow...

    He could have ripped - er, I mean EARNED millions off the public legally if he had set up a legitmate lottery, like Camelot.

  2. M Room


    Just a minor thought - Where do you extradite him too?

    The crime is world wide internet scam - time to set up a world court perhaps LOL.

  3. Rick Brasche

    he shoulda taken lessons...

    from one of the greatest scammers, Arafat-guy made millions uncounted by victimizing his own people.

    Failing that, follow the example of the 419'ers and get lots of government protection...

  4. ET Intel

    Ali Mahomed

    Shoudn't he be flogged for bringing the prophet's name into disrepute!

  5. Anonymous Coward

    @ ALAN

    Camelot ripping off? at 0.005 pence in the pound? what about the shop getting 0.05 in the pound? or the Government who get a massive 0.12 pence in the pound!!!! That's 12pence out of every pound - you do the math!!

    sorry got to be 'anyoldmouse'

  6. Slaine


    They've arrested him? Who's going to sign my winnings cheque now?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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