back to article Wii tops online search poll

Nintendo’s Wii was the most searched for product on the internet last month, according to a poll of British online shoppers. The record breaking Wii topped the poll, which was commissioned by market watcher Hitwise. It topped a whole range of products, including rival console Xbox 360, Apple's iPhone, various iPods, Lego and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Can find one online?

    Try eBay - there are thousands on there!


  2. Chris Bishop


    I am so confused as to why the supply in the UK is in so much trouble.

    I live in The Netherlands, and there are loads of them over here.

    Might open up a business imprting WII's to the UK.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Richard Harris

    Loads in Germany

    Aparently there's a glut of Wii's in Germany (no reference to their penchant for certain coloured showers). There's so many, they're going for around 160 Euros each.

  5. Geoff Webber
    Thumb Up

    I got 4!

    I got one from argos on their text reservation system, although they did tell me that I should not have actually been allocated one when I went to collect it !

    Then I ordered 3 more from Amazon all 4 were 179.99.

    And before anyone asks I didnt sell them on for a profit. Just at face value to very grateful friends

  6. John Dow

    Wrong Target

    "I thought it was a normal Nintendo 'get it in stock just before Christmas' scam."

    Eh? It's Sony who does this EVERY SINGLE TIME, not Nintendo.

  7. David Shaw
    IT Angle

    Wii stock

    there are loads of Wii's here too, I live on the Italo-Swiss border.

    Problem is that the PAL Wii's are language limited, the Wii here in Italy is also switchable to Spanish and Portuguese, whilst the Swiss one is Italian, French and German. I thought that the UK Wii's were English , Spanish and French? maybe the NL or B or F sourced Wii's would have English as a option?? could make a day trip to Calais or Bruges fun again.

    As for hard-2-find software, I was able to get High School Musical Wii singalong edition with Microphone here for sixty euros whilst amazon uk market-ripoffs want more than sixty quid for it! admittedly mine is PAL in english with italian second language and for some reason a splash start-up screen in Russian!!!??

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    I Got One...

    ...from Amazon the other day. I think I will capitalise on Xmas desperation and flog it for a premium and buy one when they are more common.

    The price? One-hundred-gajillion-dollars!!

  9. Andy Worth

    Wii searches

    Yes, the word Wii indeed was the most searched for word, closely followed by the words "why", "is", "the", "so", and "shit".

  10. Graham Deans

    Last Year

    I remember stuggling to get a Wii this time LAST year. Ended up ordering it from Germany - it is amazing how many people just refuse to do that, considering the only difference is that it has a different shaped plug (and costs a bit less). I even saw people backing out of ebay bids because they discovered the console was from Germany. Utter madness!

  11. Jac
    Thumb Up

    If you know where to look...

    Its pretty easy to get hold of them online. At retail price too. is a good example of the many tracking sites out there

  12. Anonymous Coward

    How many were surprised

    When their search brought them to the topless Wii video site.

    I hope there children weren't watching, completely NSFW

    But I did manage to guess all the games they were playing correctly....

    Google it and you'll see what I mean :-)

  13. Anonymous Coward

    To stupid consumers

    Sounds like a frustrated PS3 owner to me HA!

  14. Bob
    Paris Hilton

    @ Anonymous

    I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic but the Wii is fantastic and everyone I've introduced the system to love it whether they are video game fans or not. I'm sure I have a few illegitimate children running around from women consistantly being lured in by the Wii.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    @ Stupid Consumers

    "I find it embarrasing, how stupid UK consumers are...

    WAKE UP. The Wii is not actually any good, Nintendo are drip-feeding supplies, and creating a fake desireability. Ebay is flooded with 2nd hand Wii's where disallusioned owners realise there is nothing left once the fad wears off..."

    I find it embarrassing that someone could have so little business sense to think that Nintendo would rather hold back supplies and alienate their market, in some bizarre attempt to increase desirability. It’s a well known-fact that games consoles themselves don’t generate much profit, in fact they usually incur a loss – the games are where the money is made, and you only sell games to people who own consoles.

    The idea that a company would hold back it’s product right before Christmas to “generate desirability”, is frankly ridiculous. Every sale they miss because of stock shortages is lost money, not just on the console but on the games that would subsequently have been bought. The fact is their production is too slow and they aren’t making enough of them.

    Oh, and I'm not fanboying, I own a PS3 and an Xbox 360.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    re: Andy Worth ->

    Andy, I assume your rage is because your kids hate you for buying them a PS3/360 when all they want is a Wii?

    Regardless, I have reported yourself to the BPI, you should secure your domains better.

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