back to article AMD's Barcelona benchmarks are a'comin down

AMD's four-core Opteron saga continues with a trio of nasties concerning the chip reaching The Register. First off, all of the SPEC benchmarks performed to date with Opteron-systems (Barcelona) will be pulled over the next week, El Reg can confirm. This is a result of AMD failing to meeting the "general availability" …


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  1. andy rock

    cheap chips?

    hopefully this means we might get some at knock down bargain prices? for people who don't need massive performance. "you know, for kids..."

  2. Peter D'Hoye

    At least they don't ship buggy chips

    Unlike Intel, who doesn't really care and ships its CPU's anyway, bugs in it or not.

  3. crashIO
    Thumb Up

    AMD is still better than Intel, far and away

    However I think AMD needs to focus on home users more than the server side of things for the moment. Solidify its fan base and then branch out. How about a 64bit dual core chip that can run on an x86 OS and actually use the second core? Or if they are hell bent on the server side of things, perhaps a better than current specs hypervisor. Doing the same thing only small, faster and consuming less power isn't going to turn heads, introducing new, outside the box thinking and architecture will.

    Before all this though they need to get back to basics. An organism when attacked doesn't get larger, it gets smaller to defent itself and repel the attack, then it goes back to normal. Intel was on the ropes and AMD let them off the hook and now Intel has deep pockets again while AMD suffers. Hold on to what you have AMD before you lose it all.

  4. Curtis W. Rendon

    No Virtualization whimpering here

    I head up AMD's XEN testing, and direct comparison testing (same changeset, same bittedness, same guests) against same speed XEON systems aren't indicating any sort of speed difference, let alone 50%!

    Curtis W. Rendon

    AMD, Austin

  5. Chad H.

    @ Ashlee

    Looks like your "Shameless Self Promotion" worked - El Reg's bookshop seems to be out of stock...

  6. Jack Pastor

    Shameless Self Promotion

    I got the book from Amazon, and they shipped it next day (at no extra charge ..) A great read.. highly entertaining and informative (true Infotainment.)

    P.S. Ashlee Vance did not compensate me in any way to say this ...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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