back to article Winners and losers in Sun's OpenDS spat

The brouhaha (here and here) surrounding Sun Microsystems and ex-employee Neil Wilson over governance of the OpenDS project - first reported in The Register - continued to bubble this week, not least among Reg Dev's readers. Many of you took the harsh, but arguably fair, point of view that Sun was in the right as work done …


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  1. Chris

    My god ...

    ... Paula Jones of Groklaw actually making a well reasoned and rational statement about Sun Microsystems. Last time I read her site (admittedly before she knew anything about open source software apart from what she'd read on the FSF website) she had Sun bracketed with Microsoft and SCO as the greatest evil since Stalin popped his clogs.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    You're a tool. Sun never lost control of OpenDS and Neil never claimed he owned the code. There's only one owner with full copyright to the code and that is Sun. Have you even read the open letter? The letter clearly states that everyone involved was a Sun employee. There was no coup. What is apparently in contest is if the leadership had the authority to govern their own community. Up and until this group was laid off they evidently did and after the layoff their authority became in question. End of story.

  3. Matt Bryant Silver badge
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    Gotta side with Sun on this.....

    Sun was right, the project leads overstepped the mark, and the project leads were in the wrong. But the most telling statement in the whole piece basically sums up Sun's whole problem - Sun just doesn't understand open source.

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