back to article Stripogram copper walks on offensive weapon rap

The 24-year-old stripogram charged with possessing offensive weapons after Aberdeen's finest spotted him en route to a gig carrying two batons and a spray canister has been cleared on all charges, the Telegraph reports. Aberdeen uni genetics student Stuart Kennedy was clocked wearing a fake police uniform by two officers on 17 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    well of course

    If there had been no trial how would the coppers have explained spending the evening in a nice warm bar full of Girls who wanted to see a policeman's truncheon.

  2. Spleen

    Hooray, everyone looks stupid

    The stripper should quite clearly have worn a coat over his uniform if he was going to be out in public and there was a reasonable possibility he might be mistaken for a real cop.

    The real cops should have told him the above and let him go on his way.

    Who comes out worst? Well, I would venture to suggest the ones who wasted thousands of pounds of the taxpayers money bringing a pointless prosecution. The cops responsible should be sacked and the stripper hired in their place.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Did the Cops meet their arrest targets that month

    Sort of stupid situations that can occur because management set stupid targets

  4. Thomas Jerome

    *gets coat*

    "They followed me into the bar, watched the show, then asked me to go back to the station. It was all quite friendly."

    <insert bent copper joke here>

  5. Nano nano

    Usually spelt ...

    ... "strippogram".

    I believe a "stripogram" could be something to do with zebras.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    I'd go for "Stripper-gram" on account of it involving a stripper...

    No IT angle? Not even a tenuous PH one? Shame!

  7. Norman

    Things you don't hear about in the paper

    The reason there was such a fuss is because he wasn't wearing a 'Fake' uniform - He was wearing an actual Grampian Police uniform. It's still not know where he got it from.

  8. vic denwood

    Real Uniform?

    If he was spotted whilst in real uniform, then it was because he was on foot! Real Policemen only travel in cars.

  9. Hans

    Hazzard County?

    Quote: - " However, Sheriff Kenneth Stewart ruled he had no case to answer."

    Ya just gotta lurvvv the Scottish Legal System for retaining the Sheriff.

    Now, if only his name had been Rosco P. Coltrane . . .

  10. Graham Bartlett

    Real uniform?!


    Tell me how real that uniform in the top picture looks. If the cops round your way really have "STRIPPER" printed across the backs of their jackets, I think you may just have strayed into some Village People fantasy sequence by accident...

  11. Matthew Joyce

    No charge...

    The second case may have been successfully dismissed, but the first has simply gone unanswered ... which means in the police files he's probably still listed as an unprosecuted criminal. Which enables them to keep any and all data, of course.

  12. Hans

    Got off too lightly

    Well I think that he should have been fined at least $222,000, because who knows how many other times he might have posed as a stripper, potentially millions.

    What we need is consistency in the application of the law, then we can rest assured that justice really is being done.

  13. Randolf McKinley

    Coppers weren't that bent

    At least one of the coppers was a woman.

    "Pc [Fiona] Duncan added: "We went into the bar to make sure we could keep an eye on him."

    "Later that night, Pc Duncan took Mr Kennedy to Grampian Police headquarters for questioning.

    It doesn't say what sex here colleague was, or how closely she kept an eye on him. I wonder if it was on his truncheon?

  14. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    IT angle - that title

    >> Stripogram copper walks on offensive weapon rap

    Is heavily overloaded. It would fubar a FSM.

  15. Anonymous John

    I'll get my coat

    Police uniform


    Spray canister

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Not the 1st time

    I'm sure this is now the 3rd time this guy has been charged with impersonating a police officer. You'd think Grampian police would have let it slide after nothing was done previously... Mind you hes been getting great free advertising in the national scottish papers each time.

  17. Alt0n

    Usually spelled...

    "strippogram" is relatively unusual, if the Google hits are anything to go by:

    1,190 for strippagram

    2,560 for strippogram

    4,930 for stripagram

    22,300 for stripogram

    So "stripogram" wins.

  18. Sam

    Just enquiring

    Do the WPC strippergrams batons have batteries in?

    The black kevlar, thanks...

  19. Phil

    @Usually spelled...

    106,000 English pages (30 pp) for strip-o-gram

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