back to article Novell delays Q4 results due to SEC missives

Novell is delaying the release of its fiscal fourth quarter results due to an ongoing accounting review by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The Linux firm was scheduled to release results today for the quarter ended October 31. But slow correspondence between Novell and an accountant's least favorite pen-pal has …


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  1. E

    The Solution

    Novell could rebrand all it's products so nobody know what they are, change it's market focus and run everything on a completely new OS. It's always worked for Novell in the past.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Try allowing

    People to buy their product might be a nice start I tried and they choked on my card so I had to go else where.Things like that are associated in my mind with complete incompetence and I don't intend to support it.

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