back to article Chancer punts 'lucky' Wii for $1,234,567...

We're not quite sure exactly what this is all about, but someone has decided to flog a "lucky" Wii on eBay for the magical "buy it now" price of $1,234,567.89: The lucky Wii as seen on eBay The blurb continues: BUY IT NOW! It's your LUCKY day! Only you can have the satisfaction of being the one who spent $1,234,567.89 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Come on, it's a good exchange rate at the moment...

    what's that then, about 75p?

  2. Mark


    Well I'll certainly be needing that ebay mastercard.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Seller's fees?

    What's the seller's fees on this B.I.N. price?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Ebay in 'greedy chancer trying to find gullible punter' shock.

    business as usual then.

  5. executor485
    Paris Hilton

    How much is S&H

    Its not the price of the LUCKY Wii that gets ya, its the S&H costs... Cause as we all know, people will sell a $15 item and charge $25+ for S&H. At this awesome price I'd imagine S&H would be semi-reasonable?

  6. Danny Traynor

    $25 back

    I love how if you spend 1,234,567.89 on your ebay mastercard you get a whole $25 back. Who needs nectar points?

  7. Matt Milford

    Maybe theres a bird that lays golden eggs at the end of it

    Plant the lucky wii and a giant wii-stalk will grow, and take you to an enchanced land in the clouds where you must kill a giant to get his bird that lays golden eggs.

  8. foxyshadis

    Total fees

    The total fee on the auction would be about $18500... I wonder if the guy ate the $5.00 insertion fee as a cost of advertising his other auctions. Joke's on him as soon as someone hits BIN on a lark and ebay takes the fees out of his credit card. (Sure, they'll refund fees back... two months later.)

  9. Robert Hirst
    Thumb Down


    If the serial number was 123456789 then they might be on to something... but aside from the amount they have decided to put the Wii up for (which anyone could decide to flog one for), where's the connection between this particular Wii and that oh-so-well-known lucky number?

  10. Rick Brasche

    why so much could actually be a lucky Wii!

    lucky for the seller, that is, if some chump buys it!:)

    it's funny seeing used ones sell locally around here for $500. If my girl and I didn't play so much, I'd be tempted to cash in on folks who're incapable of shopping around for the things.

  11. Brian

    1,234,567.89? Really?


    Short by 10 bucks.

    Ah, well....

  12. Nathanael Robertson

    Re: How much is S&H


    I know! I'm blown away by their generosity too!

    (It is however, only listed as shipping to the US... Bad form there I think)

  13. JasonW

    Now if it was Zim $.....

    I'd have enough :D

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Must have money to waste then...

    ... if this person is idiotic enough to list any item for over a million dollars then they deserve to pay $18k in seller fees for an auction that will NEVER sell. Hard to believe that anyone actually thinks they're going to get rich this way. If they took what they're GOING to pay in seller fees and put it into a real business venture they could create quite a nice income. With an $18k investment I could support my family with my eBay business!!!

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    The Lucky Wii-ster

    Actually the listing fees were only $5.80 and the Final Value Fee if the item sells is $18,536.52. Probably could be written off on taxes anyway as business expense, not to mention eBay offers a substantial reduction in fees if it is donated to charity. In any case $18k is nothing compared to $1.2 Million.

    Keep watching as Saturday December 8th something really unthinkably lucky happens.

    So before you thumb me down and chastise my idiocy – just wait until it’s all over and then you can have a have a hay day with your downward pointing thumbs!

  16. k0rrupt10n

    Wii are watching...

    And now there's one for $5M USD!!!

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