back to article World's oldest Roller goes for £3.5m

The world's oldest known surviving Rolls-Royce - a 1904 10hp two-seater bearing the licence plate U 44 - sold yesterday at auction in London to a private British collector for a cool £3.5m. The vehicle, described by auctioneers Bonhams as the "1904 Paris Salon and 1905 Olympia Motor Exhibition Display Car", was designed as …


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  1. Mark Simon

    Let's see if I got this right ...

    That's 3.5m for a very old used car with no Aircon, nor Air bags, no CD or remote central locking and has probably been round the clock a few times.

    I'll be they saw the buyer coming in from a distance ...

  2. Mr Larrington

    Three and a half million quid...

    ...for a packet of stale buns?


  3. Brian
    Thumb Up

    @ Mr. Larrington and Mr. Simon

    I don't think you are being entirely fair...just picture it lowered, spinner rims, flames, fart-can ricer exhaust, several inneffective spoilers...

    It has the chance to be just as aesthetically pleasing (and slow) as it's more modern Racer-Boy counterparts.

    Two things tho... The Rolls is increasing in value every second. And if you are in an area of very high EMP...the Rolls will still start due to lack of "sophisticated electronics" shorting-out or de-polarizing.

    Plus every zealotous, more-money-than-sense automotive enthusiast wants the ultimate in exclusivity....this car makes a Delahaye seem like a VW Bug.

  4. Brian

    Another thought....

    You could see the original owner tear-assing around letting all 10 of those horsepowers loose in a melee of frenetic tire squeal and flying dust.

    And I just bet there were ladies in bustle dresses and parasols giving him the pinky-todger sign...even back then

This topic is closed for new posts.

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