back to article Verizon fondling Google Android?

Verizon continues to embrace what it once despised. One week after the mega-telco announced that it would open its wireless network to non-Verizon devices and applications, chief executive officer Lowell McAdam has told Business Week that the company will "get behind" Android, the very open mobile phone operating system …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Verizon knows nothing about technology

    I worked for a company that sold mobile phone software to Verizon. Verizon's tech guys work hard, but the company's management knows nothing about technology and keeps the tech guys in a tiny Midwest office. Verizon is a marketing company. They want someone else to provide them with turnkey tech solutions.

    Verizon is most likely talking about Android with the press because they want to piss off Qualcomm. Qualcomm sells Verizon its phone towers, phone chip sets, phone OS (BREW).. Verizon depends on Qualcomm and will do anything to break the stranglehold (or at least negotiate a better deal with Qualcomm).

  2. Lexx Greatrex
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    lol @ Fondling

    Cade's "personality transplant" article had a classic headline too.

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