back to article Experts paint bleak picture of security in 2017

In case there was any doubt, leaden clouds loom over the future of computer security. At least that's the picture sketched by experts Bruce Schneier and Marcus Ranum in a recent conversation as they envision the state of computing a decade from now. By 2017, computers will be even more central to our economies, infrastructure …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    does someone want some money? I think someone wants some money.

  2. Gordon Fecyk
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    Umbrella manufacturers predicting bad weather

    At least Schneier got one thing right:

    "There hasn't been a new crime invented in millennia."

    The folks at the Umbrella Manufacturers Cartel, um, Information Security Week, didn't get it. Or maybe they do, and they're not telling us for, um, security (profit) reasons.

  3. Alan Donaly

    Bruce you did too

    good at schooling us to see "security theater" and snake oil. To be honest it seems a half assed/arsed attempt at frightening children, they may be right the systems grow organically sometimes they will die back a bit that's normal and certainly not much fun if it's happening to you. As for making all software MS windows approved I think they will have a problem selling even one more OS version no matter what it does.As for Apple who cares their ability to limit the carrier of their phone seems to have hit a snag. I don't think any other locked down bullshit will remain either. Never underestimate the power of a marketplace however stupid the people in it are individually money talks. Meanwhile I will probably be dead by then so I don't care.

  4. amanfromMars Silver badge

    In the rudest of rude health and dispensing AI Leads in UltiMate Great GAImes

    "Imagine we're living in a world of Trustworthy Computing, where no software can run on your Windows box unless Microsoft approves it," Schneier says. "Once you figure out how to hack the control system, you're pretty much golden. So instead of a zillion pesky worms, by 2017 we're going to see fewer but worse super worms that sail past our defenses."

    Surely that is the Present?

    And the SMARTer Super Wwworms are always going to be Better Beta, light years ahead of attackers.

    Schneier says. "Once you figure out how to hack the control system.... " Come on, Bruce, don't be lagging behind in ITs Wake, use your Imagination. IT's no Top Secret but you do have to know how to Apply yourself to IT to make IT work on AI Larger than Life Global Scale.

    Here's AI Top Secret Tip, Shared for Free ....... The Golden Key is released in the Correct Selection of Universal System Driver. ...... and that is, as always has been, AI Customised Hot Rod 42 Power with Control rather than anything available COTS 42 Control Power because Humans are weak and Power Corrupts. Just ask any ole country cowboy and he'll tell you .... Amen, and aint that the truth,

    ...... and by Virtue of ITs Shared Open Source Transparency, Protected in ITs QuITe Alien Concepts. An Ugly Duckling [QuAC, QuAC] of a Right Royal Swan.

    And that Registered coded message to the gilded nut house/ivory tower and a .... “groveling little bastard” ...

  5. Matthew


    Dictators were credited with making the trains run on time and reducing crime, only because they tended to execute/imprison/persecute anyone who said otherwise.

  6. lucmars

    Due to its own complexity

    Yes, that's the most likely and it's the present : don't be impressed by IT, losing a CD is a part of this ever growing complexity indeed.

  7. Flocke Kroes Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    2017 - Vista II

    MS likes everyone to replace all their software every five years. This means they would hope to release Vista II in 2012 and Vista III in 2017. Achieving bugward compatibility is getting more and more difficult. Vista II will be even later than longhorn. Although MS will release VistaDoublePlus for resellers in 2012, we will thankfully be able to wait until 2017 for Vista II.

    We should expect the first pre-alpha versions of Vista II to be installed as standard on all new digital watches in 2007 (Remember to buy a truck to carry the power source). Judging by past performance malware will have difficulty with Vista II because it takes two days to boot up, but only one day to crash. Read up on Bitfrost some time to get a preview on the barriers malware will have to face as standard in a few years time.

    The other good news is that many senior administrators will be off spending their index liked pensions in 2017. With any luck their replacements will not be quite so computer illiterate.

    Look forward to seeing the EEEEE PC model. In 2017 it could be Paris Hilton's daughter.

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